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Chris Matthews: "MAGA Hats," Trump Supporters Show "Religious Acceptance Of What They Know Isn’t True"


MSNBC's Chris Matthews joined SiriusXM's "Dean Obeidallah Show" on Wednesday where he talked about how he has never seen supporters like Trump's who show a "religious acceptance of what they know isn’t true."

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Is there any chance, and I’m being objective as possible, that [Trump] becomes so toxic that the GOP dumps him next year?

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: No, because I’m looking at the numbers, and you wonder why are Republican office holders so cowardly? Why can’t they see what they see, even some of them now like Portman from Ohio who’s a senator, who’s a smart guy, he’s a moderate, relatively.

These guys all know there’s a quid pro quo in the conversation of July 25th. They know that. It’s right there. 'I’d like you to do me a favor, though,' ok, that’s conditional. There’s nothing complicated about that. And all the background noise supports that that was deal. You give me the dirt on Biden and the 2016 conspiracy and I'll give you the missiles to fight the Russian tanks with. It is a pretty brutal shakedown.

We all know that.

So why aren't they acting? Because when they go home and when they look at the numbers, whether they go to the supermarket or the country club, wherever they go, they’ve got the MAGA hats facing them. I’ve got members of my family like this. Some in-laws, one of my brothers. I know people like this.

They actually do not hear what you and I hear. They do not hear this corruption. They only hear -- they hate the liberal establishment, and they’ll support this guy as long as he’s fighting it. As long as their enemies are the same. As long as Trump’s enemies are the liberal establishment -- or the Republican establishment, what’s left of it -- they’re on his side. Same enemy. The same enemy.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: Chris, they call my radio show. Literally had a fight with somebody last week on the simplest things, which sums up in a way, exemplifies some of the Trump supporters. He kept calling the phone call that was released, the summary, a transcript. And I said to him: ‘right there on the front page it says it’s not a verbatim transcript’. And he goes: ‘No, it doesn’t say that’, I go: ‘I’m looking at it’, he goes: ‘No, it doesn’t say that’. So, you can’t agree on basic facts.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: This is what I never saw in politics, this religious acceptance of what they know isn’t true. All I can tell you is that when we were all growing up as kids, and we saw all the evidence that Santa Claus was a myth, that our parents were buying us gifts. We knew we could see boxes in my dad's office, we could see all the evidence. But somehow we’d be looking up in the sky for the Santa Claus sleigh to go by. Because you want to believe.

(h/t: Tommy Christopher at Mediaite)

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