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Tucker Carlson: Brutal Drug War Raging Out Of Control In Mexico


Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels joined FNC's Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to discuss the murder of nine Americans by cartels in Mexico:

TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” We got a news flash for you, a shocking development from media world, someone accidentally told the truth and was caught doing it.

An anchor over at ABC News on a hot mic accuses her network of spiking her reporting on billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, that audio just minutes away.

But first I would like to open this evening with a breathless update on how some obscure diplomat you've never heard of said something forgettable to an even more obscure Ukrainian government official about a topic that has literally nothing to do with your life or the future of our country.

Then we're going to drone on about this non-story for the entire hour tonight and every night this week, hoping that by sheer volume and repetition, we can give it the illusion of relevance.

I hope you find it edifying. Just kidding. That's Jeff Zucker's channel. On this show, we're opting for actual news, things that matter. So we're beginning tonight with the brutal war that is currently raging out of control just over the border of our two most populous states.

For years, the American news media, for purely ideological reasons have all but ignored the explosion of horrifying brutality in Mexico. That's getting harder to do.

Just yesterday, Mexican drug cartels murdered at least nine Americans. That would include six children in an ambush right on the highway, about 75 miles from Arizona. Among the casualties was a nine-month old reportedly shot in the chest and a four-year-old shot in the back. News reports indicate the gunman lit the bodies on fire before they fled the scene.

Mark Dannels is Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona that borders Mexico and he joins us tonight. Sheriff, thanks so much for coming on. What can you tell us about this?

MARK DANNELS, SHERIFF, COCHISE COUNTY, ARIZONA: Well, good evening, Tucker. And over the last 36 hours, we've had 11 people killed just south of my county in our neighboring communities in Mexico.

Starting Monday, about three in the morning, we had eight vehicles come into our community just south of the international border. Moments later, they shot up -- about 45 minutes of shooting, two were dead, possibly three others injured.

Nine o'clock in the morning, it continued. Then last night, we had nine Americans killed. This is a Mormon Community just south of the border.

Later in the evening, we had five children from the ages of eight months old all the way up to nine years old come across the border critically shot and transported to hospitals in Arizona.

It's a sad day in our international communities down here.

CARLSON: Well, it is shocking and these are Americans. Can you tell us how this happened to the extent we know?

DANNELS: Well, we know one thing for sure, the cartel is behind it. They are violent. They have -- they are reckless, they don't care about human life. They demonstrate that on a daily basis.

Back in June, we had double digit homicides by the cartel, same areas. Again, this -- it's sad. So we know the cartel. We don't -- there's indication that they were innocent bystanders when they shot these family members from America.

But again, either way, when you shoot an eight-month-old child out of a car seat, there's something wrong.

CARLSON: I mean, people are getting murdered and set on fire in the middle of a highway. It sounds like something out of Syria. This sounds like a scene out of a war zone. Are you concerned that this is right below you? This is nearby.

DANNELS: We're very concerned and local law enforcement, state and our Federal partners, we're working very closely together, we continue to work closely together. This all goes back, Tucker, to having a secure border, too.

You know, in the first nine months of the year, we've had over 1,000 gang members, known gang members try to enter our country from 20 different countries. We need to secure a border.

That cartel that runs that southern border, it's time that -- I know President Trump stepped up today with the President of Mexico saying, let's get together on this. We need to step up, unify two countries and go up just like we did with ISIS, go after that cartel.

CARLSON: So you would put this in the same category of threat?

DANNELS: Oh, definitely, Tucker. Think about what ISIS does. And think about what the cartels do. They terrorize. They terrorize. They kill both their own citizens, they kill Americans, as demonstrated last night.

They are no different. They decapitate humans, I mean, everything you could think of. And again, they've infected every community in this country. They are putting their illicit drugs through our country. It's time we stepped up and list them as terrorist, I think.

CARLSON: They've killed far more Americans than ISIS has, far more.


CARLSON: Does it make sense not to secure our borders? I mean, in some places, we don't know who is coming or going.

DANNELS: Well, that's exactly right. Like I said, over a thousand gang members have been identified on the southwest border in the first nine months. We've had 141 countries -- different individuals from 141 countries in the first nine months on the southwest border in in our country. That should be alarming.

CARLSON: It's infuriating. Thank you, Sheriff Dannels. I appreciate that update from the border line. Thanks very much.

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