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Trump Mocks Biden: "Sleepy Joe" Has Handlers "Because He Makes A Mistake Every Time He Speaks"


President Trump mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for his style of campaigning and his need for handlers on the trail. At a campaign rally Monday night, Trump poked fun at Biden for not knowing what state he was over the weekend, adding his handlers are constantly yelling for "Sleepy Joe" to exit the stage.

"Just recently, very slow Sleepy Joe, Biden, that is, said of China's piracy and plunder, 'they're not that bad, folks.' He always uses the word 'folks.' I watched him today, he used the word folks. 'Hi folks. Hi. My time is up, I got to leave,'" Trump said mockingly.

"They have him all freaked out because he makes a mistake every time he speaks," Trump said. "I can just see these handlers because they're handlers like they use on horses. 'Alright, get him off now, he's been up there long enough!' So they're screaming, 'Get off! Get off! Sleepy Joe, get off the stage! Please! Please, Joe, you're doing fine. Joe, you're doing fine. You're doing fine.'"

"Then he goes, 'I love being in Ohio.' But he was in Iowa yesterday. And they say, 'Damn it, he should have left sooner. We told him. Get off the stage, Sleepy Joe. Sleepy Joe, get off the damn stage,'" Trump joked.

"What he said about China, they're not that bad, folks. They're not really competition for us. No, they're not? $500 billion a year, right. He did nothing in 8 years, him and Obama. In fact, I am here because of them if you think about it. Right?" Trump said.

"I'm here because of them. Kellyanne Conway! Stand up, Kellyanne," an excited Trump said.

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