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DNC's Perez: Voters Have Trump Fatigue, "He Has Broken So Many Promises"


MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS: So, but you know what's going to happen.  Like, he's already calling Democrats the do-nothing Congress and you guys are, you know, saying and I understand both sides, that -- that, you know, that it's all the Senate's fault and it's the president's fault, but nonetheless, you do have Americans out there in the country who will look at all of this and they say that they think it is wasted time, wasted opportunity, and let's just put up this -- this new poll, which is also very interesting, which shows -- this is a New York Times poll, New York Times [indiscernible] poll, and it shows that actually the candidates are much closer than they appear in these national races, in the national context -- contest.  So, this is Trump versus Biden.  Even in Michigan.  Biden ahead.  They're all swing states.  Biden ahead slightly in Pennsylvania, Michigan, -- I'm sorry, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina.  Then you've got Warren which shows Trump ahead in three of those, even in two states, and Warren ahead by two.  So, the point of this is that of the piece that came out on this is just that it's much closer in the battleground states than it is in these national races.  What do you think about that Tom? 
TOM PEREZ, DNC CHAIRMAN: Well, listen.  This president is underwater in battleground states.  He's in Kentucky tonight, a state he won by 30 points in 2016. 
MACCALLUM: No, I -- I hear you.  He's there for a reason. 
PEREZ: And he's got to get down there because –
MACCALLUM: But I'm saying it's very -- it's within the margin of error on these. 
PEREZ: --- 30 -- I know.  It's amazing.  He won the -- he won Kentucky by 30 points and he has to go down there tonight because you have such a close race.  Across America he's underwater, including in battleground states because he's broken so many promises.  He went to Wisconsin and he told farmers, farmers are over the hump.  Farmers are over the barrel in Wisconsin.  It's the farm bankruptcy capital of America and there's an emerging suicide crisis.  He went into Ohio and he told auto workers same thing in Michigan.  Pennsylvania –

MACCALLUM: All right.  So, the question is -- I -- I'm not -- I'm asking you like, you know, when you look at these polls and you see that they are within the margin of error and I understand that you feel very confident and obviously, you know, I -- I understand that the perspective that you're coming from, but the point of this article is that it's a lot closer than it looks when you look at the large gaps in favor of Joe Biden, for example, in the Fox News poll against President Trump.  When you look at the swing states it's much closer.  Here's a quote from the -- from New York Magazine, which says, "New poll shows democratic candidates have been living in a fantasy world."  This is a piece by Jonathan Chape [phonetic].  It says, "What about the fact that Democrats crushed Trump's party in the mid-terms?  The New Times polling finds many of these voters are swinging back.  Almost two-thirds of the people who supported Trump in 2016 and then a democrat in 2018 plan to vote for Trump again in 2020."  That's a New York -- New York Magazine piece, I should say.  Sorry. 
PEREZ: Martha, here's the really interesting poll that you didn't put up and I think it's one of the many reasons why the Trump campaign is so –
MACCALLUM: Are you going to respond to that quote and what he said? 
PEREZ: Yeah, I'll be happy to. 
MACCALLUM: Okay.  What do you think about it? 
PEREZ: Forty-six percent of registered voters [indiscernible] certain to go to the polls next year to vote against Donald Trump.  Thirty-four percent –
MACCALLUM: Forty-six percent.  So, that looks actually like the impeachment polls that we see. 
PEREZ: This is –
MACCALLUM: About like that. 
PEREZ: --- 34 percent of registered voters said that they are certain to go to the polls to vote for Donald Trump, a 12 percent difference.  Again, you go to -- I -- I - I spent a lot of time across America and the trail of broken promises, the differences between 2106 and now is they've had three years of Donald Trump.  And there's Trump fatigue because he has broken so many promises relating to the fundamental pocketbook issues about health care, about making sure that auto workers there's never going to be a plant closure he said multiple times and it was the Democrats who saved the auto industry in 2009 and the Republicans who have presided over now a manufacturing recession and people in Ohio who trusted him and he broke those promises and that's why I'd rather be us than them.  Is it going to be a spirited election?  Is it going to be tight? 

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