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Victor Davis Hanson: All Of This Has Happened Before, Obama Promised Russia More Flexibility After 2012 Election


LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: Joining me now is, Lee Smith, Investigative Journalist, author of the fantastic new book huge bestseller already, "The Plot Against the President;" along with Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Victor, again, we're not going to name this person as we haven't independently confirmed the name. But because you call yourself a whistleblower, does not entitle you under any law to remain anonymous and you aren't considered a roving Inspector General of the executive branch of the White House either. But do Americans have a right to know who this was - is?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Yes, whistleblowers are Mavericks, Laura. They come forward they get in the light of day, they make accusations or charges or revelations and they take the heat. And this person hasn't done any of that. He's only known to the Democratic members officially of the House Intelligence Committee.

But what the whistleblower - I can't understand and it's incoherent, the whistleblower and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman have made three or four implicit charges that Trump was too easy on the Russians, he was too hard on the Ukrainians. He mixed the personal and the professional. He had a quid pro quo.

But they were in the White House in case of the whistleblower Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was in foreign service why didn't they say from 2011 and onward? Why didn't they say the Obama administration will not arm the Ukrainians? Trump did that.

Why don't they say appeasement is reset? Trump risk a war with Russians and Syria. He killed 200 mercenaries. He canceled a missile bill. He's been the hardest person on Putin that we've seen in 20 - in the last 10 years. Why didn't they say Hunter Biden is engaging in a quid pro - Joe Biden with a son a quid pro quo?

Or why didn't they say, my gosh, we have Barack Obama engaging in a quid pro quo with a hot mic in South Korea? So all the things that they're revealing right now happened and they didn't say a word. And you know why that was? because under Obama he tolerated no leaks. They would have been facing criminal prosecution or at least they would have been monitored like The Associated Press reporters or Fox's own James Rosen. And the media would have demonized them...

INGRAHAM: CIA officer who worked at the White House, has expertise with Ukraine, worked for Biden, worked for Rice, worked for Obama, also invited -- red flagged for political bias, of course has ties with a 2020 Democratic candidate, of course, Joe Biden, because he worked for him.

To me, when you look at this, Victor Davis Hanson, this all starts to sound and feel and smell like what happened with the setup of the Russia investigation, the same actors, the same players, the same motivations. And it's all to stop this America first president, or candidate back then, then a president, who wanted to take a different approach to foreign aid and a different approach to foreign policy, and they wanted him out. The deep state wanted him out, the intel community wanted him out, foreign policy establishment experts wanted him out. They couldn't figure it out, though, because the American people kind of like these ideas.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Yes, they did. And apparently the whistleblower and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman did, too, because Donald Trump, as I said earlier, has been very pro-Ukrainian, anti-Russian, and didn't quite do anything like Joe Biden, of course he didn't, and Barack Obama in these quid pro quos.

But you would think after the 22 months and the $35 million that the bar would have been raised a little higher for the next iteration of impeachment hysteria, but in fact, it's gone really low. And the reason it has, Laura, is we are only a year away from the election, and we are looking at a Horowitz report, a Barr and Durham report. And we look at these debates and we see no agenda that polls 51 percent. And the Democrats have decided we don't have a choice now. We've got to either destroy Donald Trump or we are going to lose this election.

And so they can't wait, or as General McRaven said, he's got to be removed, sooner the better. Imagine a retired general saying that. It was one of the scariest things I've heard in this whole melodrama.

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