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WH's Grisham on Impeachment: The President Did Nothing Wrong And Has Nothing To Hide


White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told FOX News host Bill Hemmer Friday morning that the Trump administration is "prepared for an impeachment to happen," but "we can always hope that everybody will come to their senses and realize the president did nothing wrong."

"In the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. Right now, the president is being told that he's guilty by the Democrats and we're having to prove innocence," she said. "The president did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide."

BILL HEMMER, FOX NEWS: Does the president think it's already a done deal that the Democrats in the House will vote to impeach him?

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY STEPHANIE GRISHAM: We are still obviously hopeful that everybody will come to their senses and realize the president did nothing wrong. But we are prepared for an impeachment to happen, yes.

BILL HEMMER: You are prepared for an impeachment to happen?

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: Yeah, I mean, Nancy Pelosi has made it very clear the House Democrats are going to vote. Starting from the beginning with all of their closed-door meetings and the way they have had their selective leaks with their witnesses it has been set up to make -- to impeach the president. So that is something we're expecting. We can always hope the Democrats will come to their senses. They know the president did nothing wrong and we have so much work to do on behalf of the American people. So we're hoping that they will come to their senses and do that. But we'll see what happens.

BILL HEMMER: How has the president worded the expectation you just described?

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: I don't know that he has worded it. I would say as we're preparing in the White House this is what's been shown, and when you see Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and all the other Dems and what they've been saying. They've made their intentions very clear. It is pretty obvious to watch them, what they're doing, and what we should expect.

BILL HEMMER: Listening to your answers it seems as if you have concluded it is a foregone conclusion as well. And if the president believes that as well, how has he described his feelings to you about that potential reality?

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: He has described his feelings to the American people. You look at his Twitter feed to show. This is a sham and a kangaroo court. This has been unjust and unfair. The president did absolutely nothing wrong. We released the transcript weeks ago for everybody to see. There was no quid pro quo. The Ukrainian government said they felt absolutely no pressure. Aid was eventually released to the Ukraine.

It stemmed from the president being responsible and not wanting to release money to a country that was known for corruption. This is something I sit with him in meetings all the time. He has concerns about American taxpayer dollars going to countries, especially those that have been known for corruption. He was being responsible and thoughtful with this process the Dems are trying to use that against him.

BILL HEMMER: Do he want Ukraine to look at Joe Biden, not just as a vice president in 2016, but as a candidate who could oppose him next year?

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: I don't know he will be the candidate that opposes him next year. He wants to look at any corruption in any country before American dollars flow to those countries.

BILL HEMMER: I was looking at the Washington Examiner interview -- he talked about a fireside chat. Is that a serious consideration and if so, how would that happen?

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: Sure, its always a serious consideration. I don't know what the logistics would look like yet. But in the meantime, we released the transcript. The president has nothing to hide. The president has answered every question, talked to the news media about this over and over again. We're the ones being left out of the process. We're the ones who aren't able to see what people are saying and be able to adequately defend ourselves.

BILL HEMMER: He suggested he would read the transcript aloud and do it on television. Is that a serious consideration? Could it happen?



STEPHANIE GRISHAM: I don't have any timing. Anything he says is always in consideration.

BILL HEMMER: It was his idea?

STEPHANIE GRISHAM: Yeah, it was his idea. An interview he gave, sure. He has nothing to hide. I think that's the point that's not getting across. The president did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. So why wouldn't he read the transcript of a call that was fine? It is already public. To show people the context of what was going on. Again the president did absolutely nothing wrong. That phone call was a normal phone call with a foreign leader.

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