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Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked How She Killed Jeffrey Epstein On "The Daily Show"


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made light of conspiracy theories about her being the "Boogieman of the Right" during an interview Thursday on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" when host Trevor Noah asked how she was able to murder Jeffrey Epstein. The billionaire sex trafficker was found dead under suspicious circumstances three months ago in a New York City jail cell.

"I have to ask you a question that has been plaguing me for a while. How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?" Noah asked Clinton. "Because you're not in power, but you have all the power. I really need to understand how you do what you do, because you seem to be behind everything nefarious, and yet you do not use it to become president. What is the game plan? What does it feel like being the Boogieman of the Right?"

"Well, it's a constant surprise to me," she said, after laughing and taking a moment to think. "Because the things they say, and now, of course, it’s on steroids with being online, are so ridiculous, beyond any imagination that I could have. And yet they are so persistent in putting forth these crazy ideas and theories. Honestly, I don’t know what I ever did to get them so upset."

"But, a lot of them live to come up with these conspiracy theories and I've gotten used to it, it's been going on for a number of years," she added. "I had one very dear friend who I have known my entire life. She said she listened to this ridiculous conspiracy about me, and she said, 'I've known her since we were in sixth grade, and none of that is true.' And a man looked at her and said, 'But I saw it on the internet.'"

"I'll never forget reading an article after the 2016 election where a reporter interviewed someone who had been an undecided voter and he said he thought my mom had won all three debates, clearly had a better command of the subject matter, and yet he just kept reading that she had murdered more than 50 people," Clinton's daughter Chelsea added. "And he added nonchalantly, 'I don't think she murdered 50, but what if she murdered two!' So it is this constant erosion of truth and sanity."

(Via DC Examiner)

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