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Schiff: Republican Complaints About Unfair Impeachment Process "Almost Completely False"


Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Republican complaints that he is "silencing witnesses" is "almost completely false" in an interview Thursday night with Chris Cuomo. Schiff said Republicans are allowed to "propose witnesses" and then the full committee will vote.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: So when Republicans say Schiff has too much control here, he's not letting us get our questions answered, he's silencing witnesses, we don't have subpoena power that he does, we can't bring in witnesses, we're not getting the same time, what is your response? Because this is impeachment. Benghazi, I remember very well, wasn't impeachment. This is different.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA), HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: It is different. Those arguments you heard are almost completely false with only one exception. When you see the transcripts, and we expect to begin releasing them as early as next week, you'll see the Republicans have every bit as much time to ask questions as the Democrats. We would go one hour for the majority and then one hour to the minority and then 45 minutes to the majority and 45 minutes to the minority until everyone had their chance to ask their questions.

In terms of calling witnesses, they are, in this resolution, allowed to propose witnesses and if we turn down any of their requests, they can call for a vote. That is exactly the same right they had during Nixon and during Clinton. There was never a unilateral right given to the minority party to control the process by deciding who would testify. Now, this is obviously a serious issue when you consider the stunts the Republicans have been pulling, the storming of the SCIF and all the other high jinx that the president concocts with them. They show a fundamental lack of seriousness about this.

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