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Bill Maher to Democrats: "Stop Wearing Your Most Divisive Issues On Your Sleeve"


Bill Maher called out 2020 Democratic presidential candidates for focusing on third-rail and "divisive" issues that will only help President Trump get reelected. From Friday's broadcast of 'Real Time' on HBO:

MAHER: Elizabeth Warren has not come out in favor of imprisoned serial killers voting but she does want taxpayers to cover their sex-change operations in prison. Which brings up the question, if you tried, could you come up with a policy with more third-rail buzzwords in it? Let's see -- taxpayer-funded sex-change for prisoners. Nope, I don't think you could. And again, where are the votes in this? You know how many transgender there are in federal prison in America? 473. And they can't vote. So we're taking this position because it makes a great campaign slogan? Commit a crime, get a free dick. Commit a crime and your new vagina is free!

Let's imagine a slightly different scenario. You're a progressive voter who likes Elizabeth Warren. You drive a Prius, hate guns, and buy kale in bulk, but you find out that Warren does not support taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery for convicts. So, that's it? Dealbreaker? You're voting for Trump now? Of course not! This is the binary thing Democrats don't get because apparently they never saw the movie 'Officer and a Gentleman' where a drill sergeant forces Richard Gere to admit the same truth that Democratic voters need to face: "I got nowhere else to go."

Yes. You hear that Bernie, and Elizabeth, and Beto, and the rest of them? They've got nowhere else to go. So you can stop wearing your most divisive issues on your sleeve.

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