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Second Circuit Court of Appeals: "Trump v. Vance" Oral Argument On Turning Over Trump's Tax Returns


Listen to the full audio of Wednesday's hearing in the case of Trump v. Vance, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance's attempt to subpoena President Trump's financial records and tax returns below. Above, listen to a short clip via CSPAN in which Trump attorney William Consovoy makes the case to Judge Denny Chin that the effort to make Trump's records public has no legitimate investigatory purpose and is solely aimed at "embarrassing" the president. Consovoy also argues that the president could not be investigated for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue until after he left office:

JUDGE DENNY CHIN: Is it your view that they are not seeking the tax returns for a legitimate investigatory purpose and they are doing it just to embarrass the president? IS that the argument?

WILLIAM CONSOVOY, TRUMP ATTORNEY: Yeah, we believe there is evidence of that. And certainly in their brief, when we pushed on this point, their response was impeachment isn't going the way we want, the president said he was going to disclose them during the election and he hasn't, other presidents have. These are arguments sound like a policy disagreement with the president, not in the basis of an investigation.

JUDGE CHIN: Your position is that district attorneys from all around the country, U.S. attorneys from all around the country, are going to act in bad faith? That's the concern?

WILLIAM CONSOVOY: I think there is an incentive. I would not say everyone is going to act in bad faith, even in Clinton v. Jones when the court said this case is going to proceed, but it is important to explain that it is a federal court, the court said local pressures may apply differently in a state forum than a federal. The court may agree or disagree, but it was the unanimous judgment of the Supreme Court in Clinton v. Jones--

JUDGE CHIN: What's your view on the [shooting someone on] Fifth Avenue example? Local authorities couldn’t investigate? They couldn’t do anything about it?

WILLIAM CONSOVOY: I think once a president is removed from office, any local authority, this is not a permanent immunity.

JUDGE CHIN: I'm talking about while in office, that is the [hypothetical]. Nothing could be done? That’s your position?

WILLIAM CONSOVOY: That is correct. That is correct.

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