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Clinton Advisor Philippe Reines: Hillary Has Not Closed The Door On 2020


Longtime Clinton advisor and political operative Philippe Reines said 2016 Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has not ruled out a run for president in 2020. In an interview with FNC's Tucker Carlson on Thursday, Reines said if Clinton thought she had the best odds to beat Trump she would think about it long and hard.

TUCKER CARLSON: I am assuming what I just said and what we're hearing is true -- that if she thought she was the best position to beat Donald Trump she would get in the race.

PHILIPPE REINES: I would take issue with the Macedonia part, but either than that she ran for president because she thought she would be the better president. If she still thought that now, if she thought she had the best odds of beating Donald Trump I think she would think about it long and hard.

CARLSON: She hasn’t foreclosed the possibility, I guess.

REINES: No, she has not.
CARLSON:  That’s what I’m saying, too.
So, really the question and that doesn't surprise anybody who’s followed the Clintons, right?
CARLSON:  So, I guess the question is: has the Democratic Party changed so much in the last three years that it would be possible for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination? 
So, in other words, a lot of Democrats say, well, Hillary Clinton is the real president.  It was stolen from her, whatever.  But at the same time, you think, maybe they’ve changed.  And they don't want her anymore.  Maybe she’s too right wing. 
REINES:  Well, look, this is a huge if.
CARLSON:  Right.
REINES:  But if she would jump in for whatever reason, and the party has moved someplace that she hasn't, then she won’t get the votes.  That's the point of the primary.  There are, I guess, still 19 people.  There are a few that are double digits. 
If she would run and people would think she’s too left, too right, too center, or whatever you want to call it, that's the beauty of it.  They get to vote against whoever they want.  I don't know. 
She is not running because she has any anxiety about the Democratic field. 
CARLSON:  Right.
REINES:  She really likes a lot of the people running.  She knows them well.  She thought about some of them for her vice presidency. 
But there might be a reason that she’d be the best person, not only to beat Donald Trump, but to govern after Donald Trump, which is a part we don’t talk about much.  And, look, you can make fun of her all you want, but 65 million people voted for her and that’s second more to anyone except Barack Obama.

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