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Pence: "Very Disappointing To Me" To Hear Romney Criticize Trump's Decision To Bring Troops Home


Vice President Mike Pence joins Laura Ingraham for an exclusive interview on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

LAURA INGRAHAM:  Give us an update of the Kurdish pullback from the safe zone.  You negotiated the ceasefire last week.  Is it holding? 
And Turkey says they're not out, and we're going back in with even a more fierce determination.
VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE:  Well, apart from limited skirmishes and fighting, the ceasefire has been holding.  And it continues to hold today.  And it's all a result of a leadership that President Trump provided here. 
The President made it very clear when Turkish forces entered Syria that the Turkish military action there was unacceptable.  He sent a clear message to President Erdogan to pull back.  He sent strong sanctions.  And he sent me and Secretary Pompeo there for one mission, Laura, and that was to end the violence. 
We're in constant communication with both sides with the objective of hopefully achieving a permanent ceasefire in the next day and laying a foundation for real peace and stability. 
A safe zone that would exist between traditionally Kurdish Syria and Turkey, and it would be a safe zone where we would bring international partners to bear, to ensure that there is a buffer between those two -- those two populations that have been warring for centuries.  And --
INGRAHAM:  Are you surprised?  Are you surprised, Mr. Vice President, of the ferocity of Republican condemnation? 
PENCE: Look, 63 million Americans voted to send President Donald Trump to the White House.  And one of the core messages of that campaign, that I was a part of, was that we wanted to bring an end to endless wars, that we wanted to bring our troops home. 
We welcome the temporary ceasefire that's been in place and hope it becomes a permanent ceasefire --
INGRAHAM:  What if it doesn't hold?  What's next for the United States?
PENCE:  The President's made it very clear that there are more massive sanctions that will be imposed on Turkey in the days ahead. 
That being said, we hope for better.  We hope that literally before the day is out tomorrow, that we'll be moving into a permanent ceasefire.  
But I will tell you that the criticism that the President has received for bringing our troops home, and for now setting the conditions where if we achieve this ceasefire we’ll now finally bring the international community in to secure peace and stability.  It’s quite beyond me. 
I actually heard -- I actually heard one member of the Senate say, as our delegation was headed to Turkey to try and secure a ceasefire, that it was just too late.
Well, President Trump doesn’t believe it’s ever too late to save lives.  And he sent our team there with the express purpose of ending the violence and giving an opportunity for our allies and the Syrian defense forces and the Kurdish population and our ally in Turkey --
INGRAHAM:  I believe that was Mitt Romney.
PENCE: -- to end the combat and secure the area --
INGRAHAM:  Yes, Mitt Romney said that.  He’s been leading the charge of the --
PENCE:  Well, it was -- it was very disappointing to me to hear Senator Romney say that.  To say that while, literally, people were dying on both sides of this conflict, innocent civilians in harm’s way in the midst of this Turkish invasion in Syria -- simply to say that it was too late to even try -- was just unacceptable to me.  

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