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Trump on Ukraine: I Have An "Obligation To Investigate Corruption"


President Trump defends Attorney General Bill Barr investigating the origination of the infamous Steele dossier, Ukraine, and other foreign entanglements that affected the 2016 presidential election and continue to plague the U.S. In an interview with Sean Hannity broadcasted Monday night, Trump said he has an "obligation" to investigate the corruption.

HANNITY:  Real busy day.  I’ve interviewed you a lot over the years.  I’m going to do something that I’ve never done.  I want to read this transcript because everyone talks about whistleblowers, non-whistleblowers (ph).
TRUMP:  Whenever (ph) you want to do that, it’s fine.
HANNITY:  Well, OK, it says, I’d like you to do us a favor.  Now you were first talking about congratulations …
TRUMP:  Right.
HANNITY:  … relationship.  I’d like you to do us a favor.  Well, because our country has been through a lot.  Ukraine knows a lot about it.  I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation, Ukraine.  They say CrowdStrike. And I guess you have one of your wealthy people, the server; they say Ukraine has it.  A lot of things that went on, the whole situation. 
You say, I think that you’re surrounding yourself with some of the same people.  I would like to have the attorney general call you or your people, and I’d like to get to the bottom of it. 
TRUMP:  And by the way, so -- just so you understand it’s perfect.  And we’re looking at the 2016 election, which was a disaster.  We went through hell, my administration.  People were destroyed, their lives were destroyed.  Not one person colluded.  They found no collusion, no nothing.  And they went through hell. 
There was a server -- the DNC server -- that never went to the FBI.  The FBI didn’t take it.  It was taken by somebody that I guess that (inaudible) -- that’s what I’ve heard.
And referring to that, that’s not for an election, that’s going into the future, that’s for a past election that was a catastrophe.  And it was a very unfair situation.  And after two and a half years or two years, they found no collusion, no nothing.
HANNITY:  Four investigations.
TRUMP:  Oh, many of …
HANNITY:  … have the FBI.  You have the House Intel, bipartisan Senate, and then the Mueller Investigation.
TRUMP:  That’s right.  That’s right.  Many, many investigations.  That’s all they did was investigations, and yet we’ve had one of the most successful administrations in history -- certainly in the last two and a half years.  In the first two and a half years of the administration. 
So, when you look at what’s going on and then you see all of this horrible stuff, and then you hear about Ukraine -- and you’ve been hearing about it.  I heard Clinton was involved.  I heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier.  Was it out of Ukraine? 
All of the things that happened -- and I assume that the attorney general -- I would like the attorney general to find out what’s going on.
Because you know what?  We’re investigating corruption.  And I actually heard Gregg Jarrett and numerous people the other day say I have an obligation to do that.  That’s not a question, can I do it or don’t I do it.  We have an obligation to investigate corruption …
HANNITY:  Basically (inaudible) …
TRUMP:  And that’s what it was.  In my opinion, that’s what it was, this corruption.  And if Ukraine would know something about the 2016 election, you’d have to give that information.  I hope that they would give the information, and everybody agrees with me 100%.
But when I look at experts that are on your show -- and other experts -- they're all saying you have an obligation to do that.  So I think that I have a friend who is a very good lawyer -- he read that conversation -- it’s not a letter, it’s a conversation -- taken down and transcribed, a perfect conversation …
HANNITY:  And you know, you know people are (inaudible) …
TRUMP:  (Inaudible) He actually said that, did you know this was going to be like a document that’s going to be analyzed?  I said, no, but you have to understand -- I assume there are many people, it’s either being faked or it’s being -- they either have stenographers or tape -- but I think they don’t like to tape world leaders.  And I can understand that. 
So they have stenographers and people that take this down, transcribers, and it was a perfect transcription of a perfect conversation.
The other thing is when I’m talking to somebody, world leaders or almost anybody, I assume that State Department -- I think Mike Pompeo was on, I think many people were on -- there were many, many people on.
Do you think I’m going to say something wrong when I feel that there’s 25 or 30 or two or 10 or something -- but there are a lot of people on these calls.  Some I think listen for educational reasons.  Some listen because they're members of the State Department.  There are many people listening to these calls. 
And to think they took that call – now, the big thing I did with that call, Sean, the biggest thing is immediately released it because the whistleblower came out and said horrible things about this call. 
I think they said there were eight -- seven or eight -- quid pro quos.  It was really a terrible call -- you know, all these terrible things about this call.  I said, that wasn’t a bad call at all.
Now what else happened?  The President of Ukraine came out and said that was a perfectly fine call.  There was so pressure.  There was no anything.  The -- one of his top people -- I guess, one of his heads of state came out and said this was a perfect call. There was no pressure. 
They didn’t even know what we were talking about.  To think that they're using that -- now they don’t talk about that anymore, because that letter was so good.  So they don’t talk about it anymore, Sean.  And the reason they don’t talk about it, there’s nothing to talk about. 

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