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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Competing To Replace America With A New Country, Current U.S. "Tainted"


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: From the beginning, the 2020 Democratic race has been a different kind of race. Candidates aren’t competing over who can run America best, or improve it the most. Instead, they’re competing to replace America with a new country entirely. This existing country is tainted, we’re told, tainted by free enterprise, racism, sexism, and original sin.
Right now, the battle for the soul of the Democratic revolution is being won by Elizabeth Warren. She’s winning because, of all the major candidates, she’s offered the most revolutionary agenda of all. She’s totally embraced identity politics. She’s promising to radically reorder the American economy by breaking up the largest firms. And at the heart of her agenda is a promise borrowed from Senator Bernie Sanders: Medicare for All.
Medicare for All isn’t an idle promise. It’s not a pledge to tweak a regulation. It’s the real deal. In 2009, Republicans attacked Obamacare by calling it “socialism,” but it really wasn’t. It was just a bad law that enlarged the federal government. Medicare for All, though, is real socialism.
If Warren’s proposal is passed, it will be the biggest expansion of the federal government since World War 2.  Health care spending is about 18 percent of the U.S. economy, and Warren wants to take over all of it, all at once.
Whether it’s a good idea or not, it’s something that has to be debated honestly. But Warren isn’t interested in that. During Tuesday night’s debate, Warren top concern was preventing voters from learning more about her biggest policy proposal:

MARC LACEY: Will you raise taxes on the middle class to pay for it, yes or no?

WARREN: Costs will go up for the wealthy and for big corporations, and for hard-working middle-class families, costs will go down.

WARREN: Hard working middle class families are going to see their costs go down?

COLBERT: But will their taxes go up?

WARREN: But here’s the thing.

COLBERT: But here’s the thing. I’ve listened to these answers a few times before.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Direct question. You said middle class families are going to pay less. But will middle class taxes go up to pail for pay for the program? I know you believe that the deductibles and the premiums will go down. Will middle class taxes go up? Will private insurance be eliminated?
WARREN: Look, what families have to deal with is cost, total cost. Total cost. That’s what they deal with.

WARREN:  How much are your costs going to go down?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: No. Different question. How much will your taxes go up?

WARREN: How much are your costs.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I know that argument. Will you pay more in taxes? Why don’t you want to answer that question? Jake said tonight that’s a republican talking. It’s not. It’s a question.

WARREN:  It’s a  question about where people are going to come out economically.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: That’s not my question. That’s not my question.

That’s been Warren’s strategy on health care. She doesn’t want you thinking about the cost, when you’re the one who would have to pay it.

Fortunately, not everyone on the left is that evasive.

The Urban Institute estimates that, in the first decade alone, a Medicare for All plan like the one Warren proposes would cost an additional thirty-four trillion dollars in federal spending. For the record, the Congressional Budget Office anticipates that the U.S. will collect just forty-six trillion dollars in taxes. That money already isn’t enough to fund our current spending, on social security, Medicare, Medicaid, national defense, and everything else.
The Urban Institute isn’t some right-wing think tank. It’s a progressive organization. They probably didn’t even account for the cost of Warren’s plan to give free health care to every illegal immigrant who wades across the Rio Grande. If they say Elizabeth Warren’s numbers don’t add up, then they don’t add up.

If Elizabeth Warren wants to enact single payer health care, it’s going to require a tax hike, and a massive one at that. Three point four trillion dollars, divided among all three hundred twenty million Americans, amounts to more than ten thousand per person.  Not per taxpayer. Per person, including every child, every retiree, every prison inmate.

If Warren wants to implement her single payer health care plan, the question “How will you pay for it?” isn’t a minor detail that can be settled later. It’s the single most important question to answer. And Warren doesn’t want to answer it.

Why not? Because at some point in the last few years, Warren stopped being a normal senator, and became a messianic figure. She has a radical plan to remake America, and it doesn’t stop with health care or even big tech. Warren also says she plans to break apart large oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and more. She wants to seize the wealth of America’s richest citizens, and when anybody questions that plan, she accuses them of being bought-off toadies. She’s vowed to destroy the filibuster and issue dozens of executive orders. She has, in essence, promised to make herself the most powerful president in the history of the world’s most powerful country, in other words the most powerful person in history.

It’s an intoxicating vision, and an addictive one. And she won’t let a few details get in the way.

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