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Trump on Syrian Kurds: "Sometimes You Have To Go Through Some Pain Before You Can Get A Good Solution"


President Trump delivered an update on the ceasefire negotiated yesterday between the Syrian Kurds and Turkey at the White House on Friday, saying: "We will see if it works. It's very fragile."

"There is a cease-fire or a pause or whatever you want to call it," he said. "Sometimes you have to go through some pain before you can get a good solution" but the Kurds "are very happy about it."

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I just spoke to President Erdogan of Turkey. We're doing very, very well with Turkey, where there's a cease-fire or a pause, or whatever you want to call it. There was some sniper fire this morning and some mortar fire this morning that was eliminated quickly. They are back to the full pause.

We have ISIS totally under guard. Turkey is also darting separately, they are watching over everything. So you have the Kurds, who we're dealing with and are very happy about the way things are going, I must say. The Kurds, and you also have the Turks watching to second early watching so we have ISIS under control.

We have taken control of the oil in the Middle East, the oil we're talking about, the oil that everybody was worried about. We have the US has control of that. And there are no shots being fired and a lot of people are doing a lot of things. This is a deal that should have been made 15 years ago, ten years ago. Over the last number of years under the Obama administration. The real number is over 1 million people were killed. We have lost no, not a drop of blood since we started, what I started, and it was -- so far it's working out.

Look, it's complicated region. Many, many people have gone done. I have to watch with great interest as I see people talking about what we should be doing and is at the same people that been failing for the last 20 years, didn't know what they were doing, especially when they went in and did what they did. They shouldn't have been there.

But we are doing a very, very significant amount of great work. We will see if it works. It's very fragile. It's been fragile for years, they've been fighting each other for centuries, literally for centuries they been fighting each other. And years ago we injected ourselves right into the middle of it, and we won't go into whether or not that was a good thing or a bad thing. You know how I feel about it. But we've had tremendous success, I think, over the last couple of days.

A little bit unconventional, a little a bit of hard love, I told you that.

A little, there was a lot of pain for a couple of days and sometimes you have to go through some pain before he can get a good solution, but the Kurds are very happy about it. President Erdogan and Turkey is satisfied with it, and we are at a very strong position. We are also in a position where we could put tremendous, powerful sanctions on Turkey or whoever else we want to.

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