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Trump: The Same People Who Want Us To Fight Endless Wars Want Us To Open Our Borders


At a campaign rally Thursday night, President Trump warned if Democrats "seize power" they would open the floodgates at the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump told supporters at the American Airlines Center in Dallas that the same people who are pushing the United States to fight in endless wars are the same people who want to open the border to mass migration.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The wall, we spent so much time with [the Democrats] on the wall. I realized about two weeks ago, all I had to do was say, we will never build a wall and they would come through and say, we demand that you build it. It would have been so much easier. Right? It would have been so much easier, Ted [Cruz]! It would have been so much easier. American combat troops should not be at the center of ancient sectarian conflicts all over the world. Bring our soldiers back home. Bring our soldiers back home.

The same people pushing us to fight endless wars overseas want us to open our borders to mass migration. From these wartorn and terror afflicted regions, their policies would import terrorism right onto our shores with American-issued visas. By the way, the Democrats want open borders. They want everybody to flow in. They want those caravans to flow in. The caravans! And they wouldn't get rid of the loopholes. But you know what? Mexico has been great. Mexico today had 27,000 soldiers on our border. And we have stopped this horrible migration of people. And many of them are bad people.

When countries send them, they're not sending their finest, okay? Use your heads. They are not sending the finest. You've got to see some of the people. But now we send them back. And by the way, ICE is fantastic. They've taken out thousands and thousands of MS-13 killers. They've taken thousands of killers and have brought them back.

Now we have made deals with Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador and Mexico. But we have made deals where we can bring back -- there are 45,000 people waiting in Mexico, but it is going to be tough for these people ever to get back. When did you ever hear that? There used to be no people waiting in Mexico.

Our borders are getting strong. When the wall is complete, they will be as strong as any border anywhere in the world. My administration believes in a simple principle. The best way to keep foreign terrorists out of America is to deny them admission in the first place. It's really pretty simple. And that is why I have imposed and we passed and we won at the United States Supreme Court a travel ban on some of the world's most dangerous countries and places. But if Democrats seize power, they would throw the floodgates wide open. We would have people coming into our country. Look what's going on in California, the people in California don't want it. They say come on in to California and we'll give you free health care, free education. Why wouldn't they? I may even move to California if they keep going. All it does is it brings everybody in. What is wrong with these people?

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