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Jeanine Pirro To Trump: "Do You Think Democrats Will Impeach You?"


FNC's Jeanine Pirro spoke Saturday evening one-on-one with President Trump about a potential investigation into Rudy Giuliani and Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

"Do you think that the Democrats will impeach you?" Pirro asked Trump at the end of the interview.

"Well, I think it's a hoax. And I think if they do, they're going to suffer at the ballot box, because the only thing impeachable is the fraud that Adam Schiff committed on the American people because he made up a conversation. He made a conversation that didn't exist," Trump said. "He never thought in a million years that I was going to release the real conversation. And when it did, the whistleblower turned out to be totally inaccurate, meaning you can make your own determination. They say a lot of things about the whistleblower. They protect him. I think we have to find out who the whistleblower is that would give all this false information."

"And also, Adam Schiff, something has to be done. How can somebody stand up before Congress and make a speech about my conversation word-for-word reading my conversation? And it's a fraud. He made it up himself," Trump said.


JEANINE PIRRO, HOST: Thank you so much for being on "Justice" this evening. I know you've had a busy night.


PIRRO: Having already spoken at the Values Voters Conference. But my viewers are thrilled to have you on tonight. Let me start by asking you about reports that Rudy Giuliani is now under investigation, and involving the Ukraine. And there is some confusion as to whether or not you still consider him your attorney. Is he your attorney?

TRUMP: Yes. And he's a great gentleman. He was a great mayor, one of the greatest, maybe the greatest mayor in the history of New York. He was a fantastic prosecutor. I know nothing about him being under investigation. Somebody said -- I heard a report today. I don't -- I can't imagine it.

He's a man that looks for corruption. And whatever he does, I really believe he's a totally -- I mean, I know, he's an honorable man. You know him very well, too, Jeanine.

PIRRO: Of course, I do. And I worked with him when he was a prosecutor. And so you unquestionably stand behind him in spite of this investigation.

TRUMP: Well, I just don't know if there is an investigation. I've just heard it.

PIRRO: Well, "The New York Times" is reporting...

TRUMP: A lot of things -- I find a lot of things that you hear, they should look at other people. They shouldn't be looking at -- they should be looking at really bad people doing really bad things to our country. So, no, I stand behind Rudy Giuliani, absolutely. He was...

PIRRO: You know --

TRUMP: Again, he was a crime-fighter from day one.

PIRRO: What's interesting about this is that the inspector general referred Andrew McCabe for prosecution exactly one year and six months ago to the Department of Justice. Now, "The New York Times" is saying that Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for lobbying efforts as it relates to the Ukraine. You know, within minutes after we hear the Ukraine, it's kind of interesting, if, indeed, that is going on at the Department of Justice, especially in light of what's going on with the Bidens.

But what do you know, Mr. President, about those two men who have been just arrested, who allegedly were working with Rudy Giuliani? They say that they had dinner with you at the White House.

TRUMP: Well, I don't know who they are. I mean, I guess maybe I met them or maybe I took pictures with them, because I saw there was a picture of me with them and others. But I take pictures with a lot of people. I don't know them. I don't know who they are, Jeanine.

But you will have to figure that one out for yourself, I guess.

PIRRO: OK. All right. So you have no recollection...

TRUMP: I know they are donors, because they made donations -- political donations to a lot of different people, a lot of different politicians, I guess, over the years. So they are donors. But I have many donors, thousands and thousands of donors.

PIRRO: All right. I want to turn now to impeachment, Mr. President. You know, this Marie Yovanovich testified behind closed doors yesterday. She defied State Department orders and attended the deposition. Do you expect that she's going to keep her job in the State Department, or will you fire her?

TRUMP: Well, I don't know exactly the status. I don't know what she said because the Democrats keep that very much under the vest. It's very interesting how they don't tell us anything. We literally have no rights on the other side. We have no rights, we have no anything. And it's a very unfair situation, I think.

But I don't know very much about her. I know that supposedly she was very partisan and she was a Clinton-type person. But whether or not she keeps the job, I'd leave that up to Mike Pompeo.

PIRRO: OK. And certainly, you have a choice in terms of who your ambassador is to a particular country.

TRUMP: I do.

PIRRO: Of course you do.

TRUMP: It's absolutely my choice. And, again, she may be a very fine person. I just don't know. But even if you listen to the very good conversation that I had, a very, very good, no-pressure, congenial conversation with the new president of Ukraine, he had some things that were not flattering to say about her. And that came out of the blue.

So, you know, it would be nice to have somebody that he liked because he's going -- the person will have to deal with the president of Ukraine. But she may be very good. I just don't know much about her. I don't think I've ever met her.

PIRRO: OK. And now, the European Union Ambassador, Sondland, who works for the State Department, is -- he is going to testify. And yet, we are not entitled to any of that information. I mean, what is the White House's plans, given the fact that the Democrats don't seem to want to call a vote?

TRUMP: Well, you know, they just -- if you take a look at it where Adam Schiff made up a phony, fraudulent statement, and he read it as though I said it, because my phone call was a perfect call with the president of Ukraine. It was congenial. It was friendly. It was no pressure. It was no blackmail, as he said. There was no pressure, no blackmail, no nothing.

They don't even understand what the question is. And people that read it don't know what the problem is, because there was no problem. What the problem is though, that Adam Schiff didn't read that. He read something that was -- he made up something, fraudulently made up a conversation. And he read it to Congress. And he read it to the American people. And it was horrible.

But it was a fraudulent thing that he just -- out of thin air he made up, Jeanine. It was a terrible thing that he was allowed to do that. And that's where we are right now. And very strong action should be taken against this guy because I've never even heard of a thing like that.

Now, where we really upset the apple cart, they didn't think we'd do this, I released the conversation.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: You had stenographers. It was a call that was taken, very accurately taken. When I released the call, that really turned things over because now they saw that it was a perfectly fine call. It was a very standard, very nice call. And that's the way it is, Jeanine.

And it was -- it's a fraud that's being perpetrated on the American people by Adam Schiff, by Nancy Pelosi. She was on George Stephanopoulos the other day. And she tried to say that I made that call. And I -- in other words, the way Schiff had it.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: And even Stephanopoulos, I respect him for what he said, no, no, he didn't say that, that was made up by Adam Schiff.

It was all made up.

PIRRO: Right. And --

TRUMP: The whole thing is a hoax. It's a terrible thing. But it's a fraud on our country. And it's so bad for our country.

PIRRO: And so -- so why isn't she calling a vote? I mean, we know if she called a vote, then these hearings would be open. Your counsel would be able to be there. You would be able to have -- subpoena witnesses. The Republicans -- TRUMP: Right. That's probably why she...

PIRRO: -- would be there.

TRUMP: -- is not calling it. She maybe -- she can't get the votes because we're doing so well now. I'm -- you know, on Thursday, I was in Minnesota. We had an arena the size of Madison Square Garden that was packed.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: And we could have sold it out many times. Last night, I was in Louisiana. We had a fantastic arena. We could have sold it out many times. It was packed. It was also broadcast, I guess, on FOX and other networks.

We've never had a level of enthusiasm. I was called by the great pastors of this country in a call about a week ago. And they said they have never seen electricity in the air, enthusiasm in the air. Churches are joining. People are joining the church. They have never seen anything like what's happening.

That's because everybody knows the Russian witch hunt was a faux, phony fraud. And we got rid of that. And then they came up with this Ukrainian story that was made up by Adam Schiff. You know, I guess he was a screenwriter or something, failed. But that's what it is. He made up my conversation. How can you be worse than that?

And then they say he has immunity from prosecution because he delivered it in Congress.

PIRRO: In Congress, yes, even though it's a false statement.


TRUMP: Well, I don't think he should have immunity for that. I've never heard of a fraud like that.

PIRRO: Yes, that is clearly a false statement. But, you know, Joe Biden this week joined the chorus for impeachment. The amazing thing is, he apparently has no fear about what he or his son or any of the other Democrats were doing in the Ukraine. Why do you think that is?

TRUMP: Well, it's incredible, the way the media sticks up for him. They say it's unsubstantiated. And yet it's not. He walked away. And I guess the new number is 168,000 a month into -- between him and his friend, like 168,000 a month. But whether it's that or 50,000 a month, also I hear there was a payment of $3 million.

And he knows nothing about energy. He knows nothing about oil. Nothing. Zero. You know more than he does. And he walked away with millions of dollars because of what? It's just illegal. You can't do it. And then he goes into China. And I just finished a great negotiation.


TRUMP: Hopefully it gets papered down.


TRUMP: But one of the --

PIRRO: I do want to talk about that.

TRUMP: -- great negotiations for our farmers and bankers and everybody. But the farmers, it's so incredible. I dealt with very powerful people in China, great negotiators, very tough people.

They don't give you a billion-five for nothing. He walked out with $1.5 billion out of China. I said, these are not the same people that I've been dealing with. So he goes into China, takes $1.5 billion, and Wall Streeters, I've asked the biggest people on Wall Street, is that possible? They all said, no, it's not possible.

It's a payoff.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: It's a total payoff. And the press doesn't want to pick it up --

PIRRO: And you know --

TRUMP: -- just like the most -- and then you have Joe Biden on television -- I can't imagine why he said this, talking about how he got rid of the prosecutor, that they didn't get rid of the prosecutor, that they weren't going to get this vast amount of money, large amount of money.

And he said, boom, the prosecutor was gone. That is called quid pro quo.

PIRRO: And it is also an admission that you could use in a criminal case where he's openly admitting what he did.

But, you know, I want to ask a question that I haven't heard you answer. And that is, where is Barack Obama in all this? Why haven't we heard from him? I mean, in the beginning of your administration, he wouldn't stop talking. And now, he's nowhere to be heard. Where is he?

TRUMP: I think he's hiding.


TRUMP: I think he knows all about it. And we are talking about investigate the investigators. We're talking about the beginning. And it was really before I took office. It was -- if you look at the insurance policy with Strzok and Page, just in case she should lose, we've got an insurance policy. That's what all this stuff has been about, the insurance policy.

These are bad people. These are evil people. And this was the insurance policy. The two lovers, Strzok and Page. Two beauties.


PIRRO: Well, you know ...

TRUMP: And it's a terrible thing, what they do to this country. Terrible. But we are winning. And we're winning big. And the American public knows it. And that's why I think they want to stay away. But they can do whatever they want. But they want to stay away.

If you look at what's happening, Jeanine, if you take a look, the electricity for the Republican Party, they are so angry at what has taken place. Because, as an example, everybody knows that Schiff -- we call him "shifty Schiff" -- he made up the story. He made up my phone call.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: And based on that phone call, this is what this whole thing is about. It's all about a phone call. And the call is perfect. I have given that call to everybody to read it. In fact, Lindsey Graham made a statement. He said, I never knew you were so nice.

PIRRO: Well, but the amazing part of it is this is happening in our Congress. And, you know, it seems that when the Republicans are in office and they have the power, nothing like this ever happens. But when the Democrats get into power, it is -- you know, it's scorched earth.

Do the Republicans not know how to fight?

TRUMP: I'd tell you, I think they are more honest, if you want to know the truth.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: I think that they don't stick together as well. And I think -- you know, I have a 94, 95 percent approval rating with the Republican Party. We have great, great relationships with the people in the Republican Party. But they don't fight dirty. As an example, with subpoenas -- you take a look at Paul Ryan when he was speaker.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: He wouldn't give them.

PIRRO: I remember.

TRUMP: I'm not even knocking him for that. He wouldn't give them. He said it was inappropriate to give them. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, all of the guys wanted, Gaetz, all of them, Matt Gaetz. I mean, I could name 25 incredible -- these are incredible people. They wanted subpoenas to investigate all of the corruption that they found, horrible, horrible corruption.

Paul Ryan would say, well, wait a minute, slow down, let's come back next week. They come back, they wouldn't get it. She hands them out like it's cookies.

PIRRO: Let me ask you a question. Why do you -- I wrote an open on this. I happen to agree with you. Why do think that is?

TRUMP: It's maybe a difference in philosophy? Maybe they don't do it because they think it's bad for the country. Because what she is doing is very bad for the country. They've committed a fraud. They made up a phony conversation. They got caught. And the reason they got caught is because they never thought I would release the transcript of my conversation with the president of Ukraine. They never thought -- because --

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: -- it's something you don't want to do.

We actually called up Ukraine, Mike Pompeo, called up Ukraine to get permission to do it. They thought it was an unusual request, but they said sure. It was a very fine conversation. There was no problem. But if you want to use that, you can. They probably look at us, they say, what's going on? What is that all about?

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: But we actually -- because I would have to do that. Not legally have to. But I would feel badly doing it. You know how bad that is? Everybody that speaks now to the president of the United States is going to say --

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: -- I wonder if I'm going to be broadcast all over the world, my little conversation about something.

PIRRO: Right. And every leader from --

TRUMP: It's so bad.

PIRRO: -- any other country.

But, you know, I want to turn to the Middle East now, Mr. President, because I know you are busy, I know you are on to another event. But, you know, there is -- you know, Turkey has now launched an incursion into Syria. And there has been...

TRUMP: I know all about it. I have known about it for a long time. I know the subject better than anybody.

PIRRO: I know. And I want to hear your version.

TRUMP: And a lot of people disagree, but in the end, I'll be right. And, you know, the Kurds have been fighting with Turkey for a long time. The Kurds are some very good people, some very bad people, some -- if you look at PKK, they are among the -- you know, a tough, tough group of people, let me put it that way.

PIRRO: Uh-huh.

TRUMP: And I didn't fight. I told them, I won't get involved. When Iraq -- about a year and a half ago, you remember, was going to fight against the Kurds, and I said, wait a minute, we've spent all of these trillions of dollars, we fight with Iraq, should have never been in the Middle East, by the way, and I always said it, it was a mistake to be in.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: There were no weapons of mass destruction.

But Iraq was going to fight the Kurds. And I said, nope, we are not going to take either side, because we had just been fighting for Iraq and now they want to us fight against Iraq and fight for the Kurds -- and you know what, the Kurds left. They never took up the fight. Then they left a second time. They never took up the fight.

And it looks like now, they may leave a third time and that's OK. Maybe they will get somebody else to go in and fight with them. If they want to get somebody else to go fight with them, that would be fine. It would OK with me.

But we want to get out of the endless wars. We'll be stuck there forever, Jeanine, forever. We have to get out of the endless wars. They say I'm a disrupter, let me disrupt.

PIRRO: I understand.

TRUMP: We have to get out of the endless wars. I see our incredible soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. I gave out Purple Hearts on Friday to people that were decimated. I speak to parents that have lost their children. I give letters to -- it's time. It's 7,000 miles away from the United States. I want to protect our borders. I want to protect our borders, Jeanine.

PIRRO: All right. Let me ask you, Mr. President, how is it that the removal of 50 troops, that's my understanding, we are talking about 50 troops, how does it -- how does it --

TRUMP: It had nothing to do with it. He was going to go in anyway. Jeanine --

PIRRO: But how does that throw the region...

TRUMP: -- they've been fighting the Kurds for 200 years.

PIRRO: Yes, but how does --

TRUMP: He was going in anyway. The U.S. -- it wasn't the 50 troops. And we basically -- those troops were gone (ph) anyway. We have nobody there. We defeated ISIS. We did a favor. And then I said to Europe, take your ISIS fighters back, Germany, France, U.K., all of them. They didn't want to take them back. I said, well, we're not going to hold them.

But they are so used to treating the United States so badly. I said, take your fighters back. We did you a big favor. We captured them, take them back. They didn't want to take them back.

So I said, well, you know, somebody is going to have to take them, because we are not bringing them back to Guantanamo Bay. We are not going to bring them back. We're not going to take them. We did everyone a great favor. We took 100 percent -- we defeated 100 percent of the ISIS caliphate. And if I didn't do it, if I -- believe me, it was a mess when I took over.

PIRRO: But they say...

TRUMP: I also rebuilt our military. But we are not going to stay in these areas forever. You know, we were supposed to be in -- we were supposed to be in Syria for 30 days, that was 10 years ago.

PIRRO: Right, right.

TRUMP: We are bringing our soldiers back home.

PIRRO: But --

TRUMP: And if somebody else wants to fight with the Kurds against Turkey, or if the Kurds want to move a little bit, move around. Right now, they are doing what they did with Iraq. And Turkey wants to create a border. Now, Turkey also knows, because I got back Pastor Brunson, you remember that.

PIRRO: Right, yes, yes. I remember that.

TRUMP: I did a lot of damage to their currency in order to get him back.

If we have to do something, if Turkey is out of line in what they are doing, really out of line, I will do something because our economy is so powerful now.

When I took over this country two and a half years ago, almost three years ago, we would have been second to China in a very short period of time. Now, we are so far ahead of China, you wouldn't believe. We picked up trillions and trillions of dollars in worth and China has gone down many trillions of dollars in worth.

PIRRO: But I want to go back, I do...

TRUMP: We're way ahead.

PIRRO: Mr. President...

TRUMP: And we will use our economic force, if we have to, against Turkey.

PIRRO: Against Turkey, yes. And I want to stay with Turkey for a second. Look, people say that the win against ISIS is short-lived now if we take off. But more importantly, my issue is about NATO. Turkey is a member of NATO since 1951, I believe. So where are all the other NATO countries? Why is the United States the only country that's supposed to be there to make sure that 11,000 ISIS prisoners are imprisoned and stay imprisoned?

TRUMP: OK. That's a good question. I'll tell you where the other NATO countries are. They're not paying their bills, that's where they are. So out of 28 countries, 20 of them are delinquent. They don't pay their bills. I got them to pay $100 billion more. Secretary General Stoltenberg said -- he is my biggest fan in the whole world. He said, until I came along, they weren't paying their bills. The United States was paying for NATO.

And NATO protects Europe. And say what you want, NATO protects Europe. Maybe it's a little bit good for us, but we pay 4.3 percent and Germany pays one percent. And Germany is supposed to be paying two percent. And we protect all of these countries in Europe, and on top of everything else, they are delinquent. And on top of that, they don't want to take back the ISIS fighters that we captured.

PIRRO: Well, that's amazing. That's amazing. When they're their citizens who went to fight in ISIS, they're captured, but they don't want them back.

Let me ask you this, have you spoken to President Erdogan recently?

TRUMP: Yes, a number of days ago.

PIRRO: What did you tell him? Erdogan, I'm sorry.

TRUMP: And I know he has been building up for a year on his border. They have a tremendous unlimited amount of soldiers because, you know, Turkey is right there. It's their border. And they have been fighting with the Kurds for many years, for centuries, they've been fighting with the Kurds. And it's like some people go to lunch, that's what they do, they fight with the Kurds.

It's time for us to leave. We're going to leave. And you know what, if the Kurds can find somebody else or if the Kurds move around, look, with Iraq, everybody wanted me to fight with the Kurds against Iraq. I said, wait a minute, we just won -- we just had a war where we spent all of this money on Iraq, in my opinion largely wasted, because there were no weapons of mass destruction, et cetera, et cetera.

PIRRO: Right, right.

TRUMP: But now we are supposed to fight against them? I said, no, we're going to stand aside, let them fight. Well, the Kurds left, they didn't fight. And then they left a second time. I made a good decision. I got no credit for it and that's fine. Well, now I'm making a similar decision.

And, frankly --


TRUMP: -- we've spent a lot of money on the Kurds. We have given them --


TRUMP: -- tremendous weapons. We've given them ammunition. But it's time for to us go home. We want to defend our country.

We also have to be --


TRUMP: -- very strong. We'll have a good relationship with Russia. We'll have a good relationship with China. You see the trade deal, that's an indication. We made a great deal for our farmers and others.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: But you know what? We have to be prepared for that, the bigger picture. We have to.

PIRRO: All right. I have two questions...

TRUMP: We are rebuilding our military, Jeanine. I spent $2.5 trillion on rebuilding. When I came in, we had no ammunition two and a half years ago.

PIRRO: Yes, Obama knocked that down.

TRUMP: The general told me, sir, I'm sorry, we have no ammunition. And no president should ever be in that position.

PIRRO: All right. I have two questions before you go. Do you think that the Democrats will impeach you?

TRUMP: Well, I think it's a hoax. And I think if they do, they're going to suffer at the ballot box, because the only thing impeachable is the fraud --

PIRRO: I'm not saying legitimate. I'm not saying legitimate.

TRUMP: - that Adam Schiff committed on the American people...

PIRRO: I'm saying do you think they'll vote.--

TRUMP: -- because he made up a conversation. He made a conversation that didn't exist.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: He never thought in a million years that I was going to release the real conversation. And when it did, the whistleblower turned out to be totally inaccurate, meaning you can make your own determination.

They say a lot of things about the whistleblower. They protect him. I think we have to find out who the whistleblower is that would give all this false information.

And also --


TRUMP: -- Adam Schiff, something has to be done. How can somebody stand up before Congress and make a speech about my conversation --

PIRRO: Which is not accurate.

TRUMP: -- word-for-word reading my conversation? And it's a fraud. He made it up himself.

PIRRO: OK. My last question. You were in Louisiana.


PIRRO: And before that I believe you were in, was it Minnesota? All right. And you were just at another event and you are talking to me and you are going to another event. Do you take vitamins? How do you do this?

TRUMP: No, but, you know, I just enjoy doing it. We are doing so great for the American people. We have the strongest economy we've ever had. Even China, when they came in on Friday, I met with the vice premier, he said congratulations on the incredible job you have done with the economy.

I'm telling you, Jeanine, China was going to catch us in a very short period of time. And now, we are so far ahead of China. And he knows it and he respects it, frankly. They respect it. It's one of those things.

PIRRO: All right.

TRUMP: But we've rebuilt our military. We've cut everybody's taxes. Our vets are happy now. We got them choice. We got them accountability where you can now fire people that mistreat them.


TRUMP: These are things that couldn't be gotten for five decades. They could never be gotten, I got them all.

Nobody has done what I have done and yet I've had this horrible cloud where these people, these horrible people, these really dishonest people that have to hate our country, they have to hate our country, because the Russian witch hunt was a hoax.

PIRRO: Right.

TRUMP: -- and the Ukraine thing is a hoax.

PIRRO: It's even worse.

TRUMP: And what they have done to Justice Kavanaugh is a disgrace. They want to impeach him. And they have nothing. These people, they just want to influence him. They don't want to impeach him. They want to influence him. So I'm energized by it, Jeanine, that's it.

PIRRO: Indeed. All right. I know you are.

TRUMP: I mean, I have no choice because I have to do it for the country.

PIRRO: I know you are and you have a great, great story to tell. Mr. President, on behalf of my viewers and myself, thank you for taking the time to join us on "Justice." Good night and God bless.

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