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Trump Acts Out Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Conversation: "Oh God, I Love You Lisa"


President Trump performs a conversation between former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page mocking the so-called "insurance policy" they had conspired if then-candidate Donald Trump got elected. At a campaign event Thursday night in Minneapolis, Trump acted out in a mocking fashion how he believed the conversation went.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Do you remember that just 19 minutes after I raised my hand and took the oath of office, 'The Washington Post,' a terrible newspaper, that doesn't know how to write the truth published a story and in this case, they might have gotten it pretty correct. They said the campaign to impeach President Trump has begun. That was the headline. Little did we know they weren't playing games. Think of that. That was 19 minutes after the oath of office.

Months earlier Peter Strzok.


TRUMP: Remember he and his lover, Lisa Page. What a group. She's (Hillary Clinton) going to win 10,000,000-1. She's going to win I'm telling you, Peter. I'm telling you, Peter, she's going to win. Oh, I love you so much.


TRUMP: I love you, Peter. I love you too, Lisa. Lisa, I love you. Lisa! Lisa! Oh God, I love you Lisa. If she doesn't win, Lisa, we've got an insurance policy, Lisa. We'll get that son of a bitch out.


TRUMP: We've got an insurance policy. We're living through the insurance policy, that's what it is. The phony Russia hoax.


TRUMP: Lisa, I love you.

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