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Toensing: Republican Senators Should Sign Letter Saying They Will Not Impeach Trump


Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Victoria Toensing says Sen. Lindsey Graham should get all Republicans to sign a letter saying they won't impeach President Trump. In an interview with FOX Business Network's Lou Dobbs, Toensing and former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova addressed the Obama administration's relationship with Ukraine.

"I would like Lindsey [Graham] to get all the Republican Senators on board and signing a letter saying... they aren't going to impeach. And his biggest challenge will be Mitt Romney," Toensing said.

Toensing on Obama admin relationship with Ukraine: "The Obama administration treated Ukraine like a candy store. They got in and got whatever they wanted and they would withhold money. Victoria Nuland and George Soros, her buddy, would go in and tell the Ukrainians who should be the prime minister, who they should indict, who they should investigate, and who they could not investigate. And trust me one of them is any organization connected to George Soros, including ANTAC, a very corrupt organization that umbrellas under a thing that says anti-corruption. So the Obama administration had done this quid pro quo throughout the whole eight years of their running Ukraine."

Joe DiGenova on Democrats and impeachment: "They are throwing so much mud consistently that it's having an effect on the body politic. That of course is what the Dems want because this is not about the rule of law. This is about regicide. This is about stealing the election from the American people, stealing the election from Donald Trump."

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