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Trump: Will Participate In Impeachment Inquiry "If The Rules Are Fair"


President Trump addressed impeachment at an event Wednesday where he signed executive orders on transparency in federal enforcement.

REPORTER: Can you clarify something you said earlier. If Pelosi holds a vote on the floor on impeachment and commits to the rules of previous impeachment proceedings, you'll participate in that investigation?

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: Yeah, if they--if the rules are fair, because I don't know how--I don't know exactly a definition. If Republicans get a fair shake, because the Republicans have been--look, we were very nice to them when Paul Ryan was the Speaker he really wouldn't give subpoenas. And I'm not saying good bad or indifferent. Here's a man that knows it very well. They go in with all of the corruption that you been reading about and all of the things that they did wrong with--with Comey and all of these people and all of the things they did wrong. When we wanted a subpoena, meaning they wanted a subpoena, it was very hard to get it. And I'm not sure he ever even issued a subpoena.

And Nancy Pelosi issues subpoenas. Come on in and get them. Gives them to Nadler, gives them to crooked Schiff. I mean, this Schiff is one crooked guy. The guy made up my phone call. Think of it. In the United States Congress he made up my phone call. And I've had people that said he didn't like the way you talked to the Ukrainian president. I said did you read my speech? No, I heard Schiff. Shifty Schiff. I heard Schiff. I said that's how I said it. I said well, let me see what he said. A lot of people saw that.

And frankly, I think if it wasn't for me, I don't know if anybody would have even noticed and called him out. He took my really, believe it or not, congenial and gentle words and he made me sound like a tyrant. It's a terrible thing. He defrauded the American public. I mean, honestly, I don't know what can happen, but there are those that say he should be prosecuted for what he did. He should certainly be impeached, but he should be prosecuted for what he did. And I think he's a very bad leader of this movement. Yes, please.

REPORTER: On the phone call, there's a new report out today that the whistleblower says a White House official came to him and said you committed a crime on that call. Did any White House official express any concern to you--

TRUMP: --No, no--

REPORTER: --Or speak to you about that--

TRUMP: --It's all a big con. Don't you understand? Look, the phone call, you have it. It's the transcript. That's why they keep saying, "Oh the whistleblower said this and that." What happened is if they would have seen the transcript early, they wouldn't have had a whistleblower because he wouldn't have said--there was nothing he could say. All you have to do is read the transcript. Very calm. And what's even more important than the transcript in a certain way? Although I think the transcript is the most important because it was really plain vanilla. No emotion, no nothing. These are crooked people that are doing--these are Democrats headed by a Democrat lawyer, a big Democrat lawyer. This is a con job.

This is a con being perpetrated on the United States public and even the world. In the world is watching and they get it better than a lot of other people. It's very interesting. But a poll just came out today. Very small people want to see something even though I only get negative press from you people, not you, necessarily, but--but that's the way it is. So I say this, look, all you have to do is read the transcript.

But you know what's almost as good as the transcript, I think, is the Ukrainian President saying he didn't even know what they were talking about. No pressure. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine saying no, it was a very normal call. There was no pressure at all. What is bad is when you see all of the elements, when you see the Schiff saw the whistleblower, when you see what the whistleblower said about the phone call and it was totally different, he made it up. And I don't know why a person that defraud the American public should be protected, okay?

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