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Newsmax's Chris Ruddy: Impeachment Inquiry A "Mortal Threat" To Trump Presidency


In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said the impeachment inquiry into President Trump is a "mortal threat" to his presidency.

CHRISTOPHER RUDDY, NEWSMAX: We’ve talked a couple of times by phone since Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry. I think the president agrees with my assessment. We both agree. We see this as a political act, not a legal act 13 months to an election. There are serious allegations raised to bring them through the oversight process of Congress. Instead, immediately without speaking to the whistleblower, without seeing the whistleblower complaint, without interviewing anybody, they immediately call for an impeachment inquiry. It made it seem they were more interested in the act of the impeachment rather than finding the truth. I think the president, frankly, is overreacting, and the White House is overreacting by withholding testimony...

I believe it’s a mortal threat to the presidency. He should treat it that way because it’s not this issue about the Ukraine. You know, I think, you know, basketball they have the term, head faked. What ‘I think we’re seeing from the Democrats in Congress is a head fake. They’re saying this is only about Ukraine. We’re going to do it in 90 days. Why, then, do you open up six different congressional committees involved in the impeachment inquiry?

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