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Tom Fitton: McConnell Should Change Senate Rules Requiring An Impeachment Trial


"Judicial Watch" president Tom Fitton told FNC's Jeanine Pirro on Saturday that Senate rules governing impeachment trials are "not a suicide pact" and that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has the power to change the rule that states the Senate must hold a trial if the House votes to impeach the president.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH: Half this town is on the payroll of foreign governments. The idea that a presidential communication with a foreign head of state is scandalous, when you've got everyone with their hands in the jar for foreign potentates is just the height of hypocrisy. You're talking about the Senate -- the Senate is going to have to try any impeachment -- and if I were the Senate majority leader, I'd tell the House this [impeachment] is dead on arrival, we're changing the rules, we're going to kill it before it even gets out of the cradle here and we're not going to follow up with an impeachment trial here. We're not required to under the Constitution, and we see the corruption here. We're not going to buy into and play your game and ratify your abuse of power by further harassing the president with an unnecessary impeachment trial. Throw the charges out like a judge would if the prosecutors were corrupt...

American citizens should be asking Mitch McConnell to execute his prerogative as Majority Leader, he runs the Senate, and change the rules. It's not a suicide pact. They can change the rules to protect the Constitution.

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