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Chris Wallace To Dem Rep. Val Demings: Why Is Pelosi Refusing To Have An Official Impeachment Vote?


"FOX News Sunday" host Chris Wallace asked Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) why House Speaker Pelosi won't allow a full House vote on impeachment.

WALLACE: Now, the White House, as I pointed out at the beginning, that your committee, the House, has voted to subpoena documents from the White House. The White House says that it will not release those documents, will not turn them over, unless the full House votes to authorize an impeachment inquiry, as was done in the cases of Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

Why is House Speaker Pelosi refusing to hold a formal impeachment inquiry vote?

DEMINGS: Well, Chris, let me say this, I would hope -- you know, this is been a painful time, this past couple of weeks now. I would hope that the White House would cooperate with Congress and actually acknowledge the oversight that we have a responsibility to do.

However, there is no requirement under the Constitution that we have a full House vote. There is no requirement under House rules that we have a full House vote. And there is no precedent that we have a full House vote that vote that really drives what we do.

WALLACE: But wait, wait, wait, Congresswoman, you said there's no precedent, there've only been two times in the history under the rules that we now have -- Andrew Johnson back in the 1860s was different. In both, the Bill Clinton case and the Richard Nixon case, there was a clear precedent. The full House voted and authorized a full impeachment inquiry. So, there's a precedent.

DEMINGS: There is no requirement, again, under the Constitution, and no requirement under House rules that that is the procedure that we follow.

But, Chris, let me just say this: this past 10 days has been painful for members of the House on both sides of the committee. Obviously, it's been quite painful for the Senate, even though too many senators are quiet on this issue. And so, we need to conduct a very methodical, very thorough investigation. We need to talk to all fact witnesses, we need to identify or review all documents as we begin the process of making a very, very important historical decision.


DEMINGS: And so, based on the information that we have, I believe that every American should be painfully concerned about what they have witnessed over the last couple of weeks.

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