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Giuliani: My Mission Is To "Disrupt The World," Defend My Client


President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani speaks out on Ukraine on Friday's edition of 'The Story' with FOX News host Martha MacCallum.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS: Can I ask you a question?


MACCALLUM: From the State Department to, you know, all of these diplomats who had a lot of experience in Ukraine and spent many years there, who feel very differently about the situation than you do. That they don’t see under the rocks what you see under the rocks.

GIULIANI: Well, maybe if they had seen under the rocks what I see under the rocks it wouldn’t be going on in Ukraine.

MACCALLUM: Maybe it wouldn’t. And maybe you’re going to fix it all -- and maybe you’re going to fix it all --

GIULIANI: Have they --

MACCALLUM: But my question is why --

GIULIANI: I’m not going to say I’m going to fix it, maybe Donald Trump is going to fix it all because he’s a disruptive president who knows how to break up the swamp.

Rudy Giuliani’s not going to fix it; Donald Trump is going to fix it. And the reason he’s president of the United States and they’re just walking around with their suits on -- and haven’t done a damn thing about corruption in Ukraine except to contribute to it.

Do you know what they say in the Ukraine when we talk about corruption? They say, bull. You had Joe Biden pulling down millions --

MACCALLUM: Oh, I’m sure they do. I mean, they --

GIULIANI: They think we’re the biggest hypocrites. Don’t you think an American president has to crack that open --

MACCALLUM: Let me ask you something.

GIULIANI: And do you think he’s going to crack it open with the very diplomats that couldn’t find it in the first place?

MACCALLUM: Well, maybe President Trump is going to solve all of the corruption in the Ukraine --

GIULIANI: No, he’s not --

MACCALLUM: And you are going to -- you just said he was.

GIULIANI: He’s going to solve the American corruption.

MACCALLUM: You said I’m not going to do it he’s going to do it.

GIULIANI: The American corruption -- the American corruption has to be solved.

MACCALLUM: You just said that, I was just repeating what you said.

So a lot of people look at this situation, and they say what exactly are you doing in this situation? This is a State Department -- we have ambassadorial level that that’s involved in all of this. Why are you, the president’s personal attorney, what is your personal mission?


MACCALLUM: What’s your mission?

GIULIANI: To disrupt the world. My mission is to defend my client in the best traditions of the legal profession.

MACCALLUM: So it’s in the interest of your client to find out what happened with Joe Biden and Burisma, not the country?

GIULIANI: No, no. Please, can we -- that’s a mischaracterization, Martha.

MACCALLUM: Well, you tell me.

GIULIANI: It’s in the best interest of my client to unravel the corruption in the Ukraine, which will (ph) involve mostly collusion in the election, into which Joe Biden inserted himself.

MACCALLUM: But isn’t that what Bill Barr is doing? Is that his job at the Justice Department?

GIULIANI: Well Bill Barr wasn’t there when I was doing it.

MACCALLUM: What is different from your role and Bill Barr’s role? Can you answer that?

GIULIANI: There was no Bill Barr when I did it.

MACCALLUM: What is the difference between what you’re currently doing --

GIULIANI: Did you hear what I just said? There was no Bill Barr --

MACCALLUM: You started before he did, I get it. I get it.

GIULIANI: Bill Barr wasn’t there. I started the investigation in November 2018.

MACCALLUM: You said -- no, I understand all that.

GIULIANI: I ended the investigation in March of 2018. Every fact that I have goes back to then. How could it possibly be to effect the 2020 election?

How would I have known back then that he was going to run? And why would I have not investigated him if he was central to the whole story? And they gave it to me. I was going to say no.

Take the Biden thing --

MACCALLUM: Not yet (ph) --

GIULIANI: -- put it aside, because the American press will attack me if I go after that.

MACCALLUM: Well, you know what, it’s going to be very -- I mean, we have covered it --

GIULIANI: But I’m very discouraged that --

MACCALLUM: And we continue to cover it --

GIULIANI: -- that somebody has to examine why this wasn’t stopped in 2015, because it could have been stopped then.

MACCALLUM: You’re doing it. You’re doing it.

GIULIANI: If we had an honest president.

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