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WH's Peter Navarro: Impeachment Circus Nothing Less Than An Attempted Coup


White House Director of Trade Peter Navarro is interviewed by FOX Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday's edition of 'Mornings with Maria.' Navarro, in a wide-ranging interview, provides insight into trade deals, market volatility, China using the Communist Party’s 70th anniversary to show off new missiles, and reports of the White House considering delisting Chinese stocks.

MARIA BARTIROMO, FBN ANCHOR: Because our top story this hour is the impeachment push. My next guest has a new op-ed out on foxbusiness.com. Check it out right now. And it is titled "Trump's two big wins for farmers, manufacturers, workers, versus Dems’ impeachment squad."
Joining me right now is the assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing policy, Peter Navarro, out with that op-ed this morning.
Good to see you, Peter. Thanks so much for joining us.
BARTIROMO: So you've got important things that you are doing, that the president is doing. He just signed a deal with Japan.
And yet it feels like the headlines are all focused on this impeachment inquiry from the Democrats and real efforts to take down President Trump.
Tell us about your op-ed.
NAVARRO: Sure. It's a remarkable thing last week. On a single day, in New York, President Trump signed an historic trade deal with Japan.
Across the pond in Geneva, Switzerland, I led a White House delegation. We were able to get the most sweeping reform of an international organization in our history.
And it was crickets in the media despite the fact that those two deals alone -- those two Trumpian victories -- will generate billions of dollars for farmers, ranchers, workers, manufacturers -- and really create thousands of jobs.
Instead, we got the second impeachment circus in three years. And -- and make no mistake about this, Maria, make no mistake about this -- this is nothing less than an attempted coup d'etat, an end run around the ballot box.
And I see all these polls out there. Here's -- here's like the poll question. Maybe Fox can do a poll on this. It's to the American people. Should the impeachment process be used to depose a duly elected president when they can't beat him at the ballot box?
I'd call that the Al Green question. It's the Houston Congressman Al Green --
NAVARRO: -- who said basically, hey, he's doing too good a job on the economy, on China, securing our borders. We can't beat the guy, let's impeach him.
And it reminds me there was a -- the first guy who -- who was the head of the Soviet Union secret CIA equivalent, Beria (ph), he said, you know, show me the man, I'll find you the crime. And that's what we're doing with -- with President Trump.
And -- and I -- that's -- this is a very dangerous game, I think that the Democrats can play. And, yes, every day the president's got to get up --
NAVARRO: -- and he's got to deal with China. He's got to deal with Russia.
NAVARRO: He's got to deal with Iran, North Korea --
BARTIROMO: Yes, no, I understand.
NAVARRO: And now the House of Representatives.
And I don't know which one is more dangerous right now or (ph) in the next couple of months.

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