Sean Davis: Democrats Have Committed, Are Committing Every Crime They Accuse Trump Of


'The Federalist' co-founder Sean Davis said we are now "through the looking glass" with Democratic party outrage at Attorney General Bill Barr trying to get to the bottom of 2016 election meddling. In an interview with FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs, Davis said the whistleblower complaint against the president is full of errors and false statements.

LOU DOBBS: On its face, the preposterous set of circumstances and, frankly, every element of it contrived by the Democrats is fraudulent. Do you believe it won't collapse on its own weight?

SEAN DAVIS, THE FEDERALIST: We've seen this happen several times. We saw it happen with the Russian collusion hoax. Even after a sprawling, multi-year special counsel investigation turned up zero evidence of collusion. It's also a similar playbook that was run during the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in which the left-wing media and Democrats used bogus hoaxes against Brett Kavanaugh to try to torpedo his nomination and that fell under its own weight. I think what will happen is once the facts come out about Ukraine's involvement in 2016 election meddling, about the Obama administration and DNC's involvement, I think the American people will become quite knowledgeable of the fact that every crime Democrats are accusing the president of committing they themselves have either committed or in the process of committing.

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