Giuliani: Biden Knew Media "Enablers" Would Let His Son Get Away With It, That's Why They Want To Silence Me


President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani responded to the Biden campaign sending memos to media outlets to no longer have him on as a representative for the White House. Giuliani told FOX News host Sean Hannity that Biden's "enablers" in the media want to silence him.

RUDY GIULIANI: From the moment you read 'The New York Times' article in 2015 and you saw that Biden got away with having his son pulling down millions from the crookedest oligarch in Russia, you knew this was going to happen. I prosecuted corruption, Democrats and Republicans. I can smell this.

Obama let this happen. When that article appeared in the 'Times,' any honest president would have called his vice president in and say Joe, what are you doing? I sent you there to straighten out corruption and you have your son who has no capabilities getting millions from a crook in the Ukraine or they may have said because of 'The Washington Post' and all of the swamp media allow us to commit crimes and go after them for nonsense, we can get away with it. And I believe that's true. These people are enablers. That's why yesterday they actually put out a document demanding that their coconspirators, the press, silence me. Why do you think they are silencing me? Because I'm not making any points?

They are silencing me because I showed up with an affidavit yesterday and an accuser who is willing to stand up and point the finger at Joe Biden and say you're a crook. And I have the proof and I have the documents and I've got -- the witness will say the corroboration because there are more witnesses where he came from and they are not going to escape this, Sean.

The American people are fair people and they don't like what they see which is a family, the Biden family, that has been using as an asset for themselves, his public office, going back to his brother who was selling his Senate office when he was a lobbyist in health care. It's scandal after scandal covered up by a compliant crooked press.

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