Ed Rollins: Intel Chiefs Need to Explain Who Signed Off On Inserting CIA Agent Into WH


Veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins said President Trump must order the CIA, FBI and DNI chiefs to the Oval Office and explain who ordered an operative in the White House.

"The mission of the CIA is to investigate outside this country, activities that are detrimental to this country, not inside this country," Rollins said on 'Lou Dobbs Tonight.' "The role of the investigation here is the FBI. The whole idea of putting DNI (a Director of National Intelligence) together was to make sure to coordinate. There is a National Resource Division of the CIA that follows up. If there's a spy network somewhere, they coordinate with the FBI. That's the only ones who do domestic work. Then they have to have permission by the attorney general or the DNI head."

"What the president needs to do is pull his CIA director tomorrow and FBI director and his DNI, acting, and say who signed off on this. Someone signed off on this in order for this person to move this thing forward. If they didn't, then let's throw them in jail for falsification of a document," Rollins said.

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