CNN's Acosta: A New Reality Hitting The White House, The Reality That You And I Live In


In a report on Anderson Cooper's show, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta said the feeling that the "ice is going to break" with Republican support for President Trump.

ACOSTA: I think a new reality is setting in over at the White House, it's a reality you and I are accustomed to, one that's attached to the real world. I will tell you talking to some sources who have been involved in some of these conversations over here at the White House over the last few days, there are aides and advisers who are now being upfront with the president, leveling with him that he faces the real likelihood of impeachment at this point. Not getting into whether or not he'd be convicted and removed from office in the Senate but that he could be impeached in the House of Representatives.

I tell you, Anderson, I got a very stark quote from a Republican Congressional aide up on Capitol Hill a short while ago who said we are entering a phase with a lot of unknowns, people are anxious about what else is out there. I think that goes directly to the anxiety that is being felt up on Capitol Hill. This party has been with the president every step of the way, but you do get the sense that the ice is starting to break.

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