Rich Lowry: Removing Trump From Office Would Blow A Hole In The Legitimacy Of American Government


On this week's "FOX News Sunday" panel, National Review editor Rich Lowry warned that President Trump being removed from office through impeachment would "blow a hole of legitimacy in the center of our politics that wouldn't be healed for years."

CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: Rich, how much trouble is Donald Trump in? What are the chances for impeachment? What are the chances for removal?

RICH LOWRY, "NATIONAL REVIEW": Well, I think he's obviously in trouble and there's some idea what he wants to be impeached or welcomes the politics of impeachment. And from people that talk to him, it's what you see in public.

He hates the idea of being impeached. He doesn't want this to happen. And I think what happened this week -- last week, is Nancy Pelosi was really pushed by her own caucus. It became unsustainable for her to oppose this anymore. But I think it's a sign of weakness that she didn't have a vote on the House floor to actually open the impeachment inquiry the way you did with Nixon and with Clinton, and that's a sign it would be a very narrow, partisan vote. It might be awkward for some of her members.

And I just think this was improper. The president shouldn't have done it. But if he was impeached and removed on the basis of anything like this universe of flexible fact, it would blow a hole of legitimacy in the center of our politics that wouldn't be healed for years. The right way to do this if you oppose the president, want him to go, there's an election 12 months from now.

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