Adam Schiff: Trump Will Fight Impeachment Inquiry "Tooth And Nail," Strengthening The Case For Obstruction


Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff warned of "a real risk in not moving forward with an impeachment" of President Trump, adding that he "certainly thinks that the gravity of the situation demands that we move forward with the inquiry."

Schiff told "Meet the Press" that the House is working "urgently" to investigate but he expects the White House to "fight us tooth and nail."

"The president can't have it both ways — he can't both prevent us from getting evidence on these serious underlying crimes, or potential crimes, this serious breach of his oath of office, and at the same time obstruct our investigation," he said.

“Even as he tries to weaken our ability to get facts on one, he’s going to strengthen the facts on the other."

"The gravamen of the offense here is the president using the power of his office to coerce a foreign nation into helping his presidential campaign to once again interfere in our election, and at the same time withholding foreign aid that country so desperately needs to fight off who? The Russians," he said.

CHUCK TODD: I'm curious what you think of the argument that says, no matter where you are on impeachment, especially if you are there, if you think the president should be thrown out of office, that because we're so close to November of 2020, that the election is the better place for that to happen. What do you say to those making that argument?

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: You know, Chuck, I was making that argument, myself, until these facts came to light, that this is an extraordinary remedy. It should only be used in extraordinary circumstances. But here, what the president has done is of such an egregious character that there's a real risk in not moving forward with an impeachment. And I think, when you look at the fact that the president engaged in this corrupt conduct with President Zelensky, corrupt on the president's part, not on Zelensky's part, the day after the Mueller hearing, the lesson this president appears to have received is that he can do whatever he wants. He can violate his oath of office. He can refuse to defend our constitution. He can invite further foreign interference in our affairs. He can try to cover it up. And there'll be no consequence, no accountability. And that is simply too dangerous to be left that way. And so yes, I certainly think that the gravity of the situation demands that we move forward with the inquiry. And we'll have to determine whether that also means return of articles.

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