Giuliani: Shouldn't Biden Be Investigated Over Ukraine If Trump Can Be Impeached Over It?


Former NYC mayor and President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani discusses the Ukraine controversy and whistleblower complaint on 'Hannity.'

HANNITY: And breaking today and what is just the latest example of the left’s – real psychotic, I mean, this is now a derangement, anti-Trump rage. "The New Yorker" now features this cover. It shows the president and Rudy Giuliani murdering Uncle Sam. I don't know if the mayor has seen it yet. 
The former New York mayor, attorney for the president, Rudy Giuliani -- look, I watched all the years you were mayor. I know you can take a punch, it's not the first time they’ve taken a shot at you. 
I want to get your take -- I want to go to the issue of how you got involved and I want to go to that Biden tape, because Biden -- 
HANNITY: -- remember what Nancy Pelosi said, oh, Trump is guilty of a shakedown using taxpayer dollars. He said that on Liberal Joe. 
The only one involved in a shakedown using taxpayer dollars -- well, that would be Joe Biden, on tape. 
GIULIANI: Sure. This phony charge began with ironically, right, with their claiming that the president threatened Zelensky with a cutoff of military aid, $400 million, if he didn't -- if he didn't investigate Biden. That's not true. 
The president didn't do that. It's clear. Military aid wasn't even on the table then. 
But that's exactly what Biden did. So, if you're going to impeach the president on some crazy trumped up, excuse the expression, charge, then does Biden have to be investigated? And why is it so hard to get Biden investigated? 
HANNITY: Well, let's talk about that. When are we going to do that, Mr. Mayor? 
GIULIANI: I don't know. The scandal -- the people who are choking America are the corrupt press, and the corrupt Democrats that have been covering up this pay-for-play scheme now for two or three years. It's not just one situation. It's two situations. Millions in the Ukraine, billions in China. 
John Kerry's son was involved in the one in China. It's not just one cabinet member -- 
HANNITY: So is Whitey Bulger's nephew.
GIULIANI: Well, how -- isn't that extraordinary? The money from China goes to Whitey Bulger's nephew, the son of the vice president of the -- stepson of the vice president of the United States and the son of the president and they're coming after me for revealing it. 
I should be -- I should be a whistleblower. I brought out what the Washington press, the corrupt Washington press has been covering up for two or three years. And to this moment, they believe it's more important to try to figure out, did I conduct the investigation correctly, as opposed to is what I found not only true but rocks the foundations of our government when you have this kind of pay for play at the highest levels. 
Remember, this is precisely what Hillary Clinton did with the Clinton Foundation. So, there is a very good question. What did Obama know and when did he know it? 
In December of 2015, "The New York Times" excoriated Biden for this conflict of interest, having his son, who had just been tossed out of the military for drug problems, put on the board of the most corrupt company in Ukraine while he was giving out billions in the Ukraine. 

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