Napolitano: On Ukraine, Trump "Arguably Walked Into The Area Of Bribery, And That Is An Impeachable Offense"


Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how President Trump asking a foreign government or any foreign national to get dirt on a political rival is an impeachable offense.

ANDREW NAPOLITANO, FOX NEWS: An employee of the intelligence community has filed a complaint with the inspector general of that community alleging that the president of the United States may have violated the campaign finance law by asking for a favor for his campaign from the president of Ukraine.

As most people know, it is a felony to ask for or to receive, to conspire and plan for, to attempt to acquire aid for a presidential campaign from a foreign government or foreign national.

Since that allegation, which has been reported upon widely, the president of the United States, who is the subject of the complaint, released a transcript of his conversation with the president of Ukraine.

In that transcript, he basically says: 'Why don’t you investigate Joe Biden‘s son?’ ‘What?’ ‘Yeah, the former vice president’s son was about to be prosecuted and the prosecutor was thrown off the case and you should look into it and you should talk to my lawyer Rudy Giuliani and our attorney general Bill Barr.'

That's the essence of the conversation about which the whistleblower filed the complaint. What followed the conversation were orders from President Trump to the State Department not to send $140 million that Congress had authorized in foreign aid to Ukraine and an order to the Treasury Department not to order the released of $250 million in military equipment, which had been built in the U.S. and ready to be shipped to Ukraine.

Why would the president be holding back on this $390 million package unless it was to see if the new president of Ukraine would comply with the president’s wishes? And those wishes were that the Ukrainian government would investigate the son of his principle adversary as he seeks reelection. That has caused the Democrats to commence their impeachment investigation. Why? Because when the president asks a foreign government, the head of a foreign government, to do something to help his campaign, when the president adds a condition to the receipt of foreign funds that Congress didn’t add, and when that condition benefits the president’s campaign and not American foreign policy, the president has arguably walked into the area of bribery, and that is an impeachable offense.

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