Schiff: "Conspiracy Theory" That Ukraine Was Interfering In Our Election, Not Russia Is A Russian Narrative


REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D-CA), CHAIRMAN HOUSE INTEL COMMITTEE: The idea that this system is being abused to conceal interactions of the president with other leaders that may reveal impropriety or illegality or betrayal of oath of office is one of, I think, two serious allegations, core allegations in the whistleblower complaint. There is, of course, the most serious allegation that the president was using his office, abusing his authority to leverage Ukraine while holding up military aid for that country to manufacture dirt on his opponent.

There is that whole constellation of issues in which you have got Rudy Giuliani revolving that constellation and laying the groundwork for that call and doing who knows what else. You have got Bill Barr whose role is still undetermined. The same Bill Barr on a mission to try to give credence to this counter-investigation theory, this conspiracy theory that, no, it was really Ukraine that was interfering in our election, not Russia.

By the way, that theory that the attorney general has been promoting with his investigative resources and the president was interested in getting Ukraine to promote with its investigative resources, that narrative comes from Russia. And that makes it all the more insidious.

RACHEL MADDOW, HOST: Meaning Russia has been promoting that as a counter-narrative to excuse their own behavior in 2016 and blame somebody else. That's where that started.

SCHIFF: Absolutely.

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