Booker: Trump Has "Betrayed His Office, Betrayed His Nation And Violated His Oath"


SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You're already seeing again friends of -- you're already seeing friends of mine like Ben Sasse, or you're seeing people I'm just starting to get to know, a new Senator Mitt Romney really have a sobered, thoughtful perspective on this.

And I think that we are just on the foothills of a mountain of evidence that will come out in the coming days and weeks.

And I have faith at the end of the day -- knowing a lot of my colleagues like I do -- that some of them will have the courage to stand up and do the right thing at the right time.

That remains to be seen in this fierce time of tribalism, but I have a lot of faith in my country as a whole.

And by the way, public sentiment means a lot in this. As public sentiment shifts, often people -- the winds of public sentiment do affect a lot of the Republicans that are there right now.

So I am looking at this, not as a partisan right now -- not as a Democrat who is fighting hard to be the one that shows down with Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

I am a United States Senator, I swore an oath not to support my party -- I swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution.

I hope that all of us in this position will look at this, in this moment -- especially in the shadow of history looking back at us will do what is right in the moment of history, and right now the right thing to do is to investigate all of the leads that indicate right now we have a president who has betrayed his office, betrayed his nation and violated his oath.

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