Trump Responds To Impeachment Inquiry: "They Think They're Going To Win," "But It's Actually Working The Other Way"


President Trump responded to Speaker Pelosi's announcement of an official "impeachment inquiry" Tuesday afternoon with a series of tweets including this video montage.

The video shows a long list of Democrats calling for his impeachment, including a clip of Rep. Al Green saying that impeachment is the only way Democrats can win in 2020, followed by comments Trump made at a rally.

"It's time to stop this nonsense. They think they're going to win! You see this one man saying, 'It's the only way we're going to beat him in 2020.' That's a compliment, I guess. But think of what he said: It's the only way they're going to beat me. But actually it's working the other way because we have the best poll numbers we've ever had. It's crazy!" Trump says in the video.

He also tweeted:

The Trump campaign issued the following statement: "Democrats can’t beat President Trump on his policies or his stellar record of accomplishment, so they’re trying to turn a Joe Biden scandal into a Trump problem. The misguided Democrat impeachment strategy is meant to appease their rabid, extreme, leftist base, but will only serve to embolden and energize President Trump’s supporters and create a landslide victory for the President."

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