Trump: "Rudy Giuliani Took Fredo To The Cleaners" In Interview With CNN's Chris Cuomo


President Trump addressed his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani's showdown with CNN's Chris Cuomo at a joint diplomatic event Monday with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

REPORTER: Mr. President are you happy with the way that Rudy Giuliani has been handling the Ukraine situation?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I think he was excellent. I watched a video the other night, I haven't watched that show (CNN's 'Chris Cuomo Tonight') in a long time. I don't watch CNN because it's fake news, but I watched Rudy take apart Fredo (host Chris Cuomo). Fredo's performance was incompetent. Rudy took him apart. The press doesn't give him credit because they take little tiny snippets wherever Rudy was a little bit -- if he mispronounces a word they'll show that, they won't show the whole [clip]. Rudy Giuliani took Fredo to the cleaners. The first time I've watched CNN in a long time. I hate to watch it because it's so fake. Okay?

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