Bill Kristol: Mitt Romney Has Helped Reassure Pelosi There Is Republican Support For Impeachment in Senate


Bill Kristol excitedly reports the prospect that Sen. Mitt Romney's criticism of President Trump's call with the Ukrainian president may result in House and Senate Republicans supporting impeachment.

"I think this statement by DeLauro is very important," Kristol said of a key Pelosi ally calling for the impeachment of Trump. "That signals to me I think where Nancy Pelosi is going."

"I think Romney has helped reassure maybe Speaker Pelosi that there is the possibility of Republican support. Maybe in the House. Incidentally, maybe in the Senate. If you take Romney's statement seriously, he is not just saying maybe the House should impeach. He is sort of saying maybe as a Senate Republican he would vote to convict. And suddenly if you have a couple more Republicans even sound somewhat like that, the notion that this is a purely partisan maneuver, there will be no Republican in the Senate who will even take it seriously that goes away."

Kristol also lamented that Trump's call with the Ukrainian president didn't take place a year ago while former special counsel Robert Mueller was probing the president's relationship with Russia.

"One reason this is so important is Trump as president is doing this directly from the Oval Office to the president of another nation," Kristol said Monday night on MSNBC. "Pretty different from his son meeting in a shady meeting in the Trump Tower in the middle of a chaotic campaign in 2016."

"Ironically another difference now is there is no Mueller investigation," he said. "I mean if this had happened a year ago someone would have said, House Democrats looking to avoid having to bite the bullet, would have said let's let Robert Mueller look into it. He's looking into everything else. Then we'll look at the report and make a decision."

"There is no Mueller," Kristol lamented. "The Justice Department is not looking at it. It is not going to get to court any time soon. It is in Congress's lap and Congress is fairly, squarely faced now with the choice. Are they going to let Trump get away with not only doing this pretty terrible thing honestly for a president to do, apparently, if that is what he did, but also to simply stonewall Congress? I mean, the ball is really in the House's court."

President Trump responded to Romney's comments with a Twitter video replaying Romney's 2012 loss to President Obama and his victory in 2020.

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