Joe Biden To FOX News Reporter: "Ask The Right Questions" About Ukraine


Joe Biden's Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tweeted video of this exchange between the former vice president and FOX News reporter Peter Doocy over the weekend with Biden's simple message to the reporter: "ASK. THE. RIGHT. QUESTION."

"Everybody looked at this, and everybody’s looked at it and said there’s nothing there,” Biden told Doocy about the allegations of corruption against his son's business in Ukraine. "Ask the right questions!"

PETER DOOCY: Mr. Vice President, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?

JOE BIDEN: I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.

DOOCY: And so how do you know --

BIDEN: And here’s what I know, I know Trump deserves to be investigated. He is violating every basic norm of a president. You should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader? Trying to intimidate a foreign leader, if that’s what happened, that appears to be what happened, you should be looking at Trump. Trump’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him like a drum. And he’s using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me.

President Trump tweeted this video giving his take on the subject on Monday afternoon, saying: "This is the real corruption that the Fake News Media refuses to even acknowledge!"

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