Mnuchin on Whistleblower Claim: The Issue Isn't What Trump Said, It Is "What Did Biden's Son Do?"


CNN's Jake Tapper questioned Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Sunday morning about President Trump's call to Ukraine's president and reports about Ukraine investigating Joe Biden’s son for corruption.

"I think things are being implied that just don't exist," Mnuchin said about reports that the president had done something wrong. "I think the bigger issue is Biden came out this weekend saying he'd never had any discussions with his son, while his son came out and said he had had business discussions with his father. So I think the real issue here is not what the president said, but what, indeed, did Biden's son do?"

"Conversations between world leaders are meant to be confidential, and if every time someone for political reasons raised a question, and all of a sudden those conversations were disclosed publicly --and oftentimes when you disclose them to Congress they are leaked to the public-- then why would world leaders want to have conversations together?" Mnuchin said.

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