Mara Liasson: Biden/Ukraine Corruption Accusations Like "2020 Version Of Birtherism"


NPR and FOX News correspondent Mara Liasson said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" roundtable that President Trump's accusations about Joe Biden's son's business dealings in Ukraine are baseless and reminds him of the "birther" claims about President Obama's ancestry.

RADDATZ: But is it a way for the Trump administration to talk about Joe Biden? You saw Secretary Pompeo immediately turn it to Joe Biden.

LIASSON: Sure, this could end up being like the 2020 version of birtherism. "Oh, Joe Biden did something bad in the Ukraine." The Ukrainians have investigated this formally and said there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. What I am -- my questions about today, he says he wants the transcript.

released. Does he really want that, or is that yes I'm going to release my tax returns,. and sure I'll talk to Bob Mueller? We don't know.

But if it is released, this is also different from 2016 in that it's simpler for people to understand. This is one conversation, there is a formal whistleblower complaint through the system. It's not a leaker.

RADDATZ: We don't know for sure that whistleblower complaint was about Ukraine.

LIASSON: Right, or about this conversation only. We don't know. But at least these are small numbers or pieces of evidence that Congress is trying to get their hands on. And it involves the president directly talking to a foreign country, not just benefiting from some vague, vast scheme of Vladimir Putin's.

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