Ben Carson On Transgender Rights: "Federal Government Doesn't Need To Be Telling People Who Is A Man Or A Woman"


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, under fire for allegedly making transphobic comments in a memo to HUD workers, explained to FNC's Tucker Carlson on Friday what he meant.

"I simply pointed out the fact that, you know, we have to have policies that take into consideration everybody’s rights," Carson told Carlson. "I say everybody has equal rights. Nobody gets extra rights."

"I talked about some of the women's groups who have come to me, and they say they are uncomfortable with the policy in existence, which says you must accept a person's designation of their gender regardless of their physical characteristics," Carson explained. "What we've decided to do it uphold the 2012 equal access law, but in terms of that broad definition of gender being whatever you say it is, we said we're going to leave that to the local jurisdiction. If you have a women's shelter you get to decide how you're going to run it, the federal government doesn't need to be telling people who is a man and who is a woman. That's a decision they can make by themselves."

"And I quote a group that came to me, who were very upset, and said a big hairy man came in here and said he was a woman, and that upsets us because many of us are trying to escape that," Carson said. "But the political correctness says you have to say what we want you to say, and that will destroy freedom of speech."

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