Tucker Carlson: The Press Has Abandoned Harris For Warren, She May Be Doomed


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Quick: what exactly do you know about Kamala Harris? Can you name three things she believes? Can you name a single thing she’s accomplished? If you’re like most Americans, you can’t. You have no real idea who Kamala Harris is. The one thing you know about her is that she could very easily become president of the United States. Your know this because you’ve been told it, confidently, again and again, by the geniuses on television:
JOY REID: The name I’m hearing now – there was a She the People survey of prominent women in politics and the number one name of the person that’s on people’s minds is Kamala Harris.

LAWRENCE ODONNELL: The politician she reminded me of most then was Barack Obama (edit) Kamala Harris is now running for president and she is one of the top tier candidates.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: There’s a new challenger to Trump and she’s drawing huge crowds. Senator Kamala Harris kicked off her campaign and look at that crowd. Trump must be envious as hell.

BRIAN FALLON: Kamala Harris is probably somebody on paper has the highest ceiling (edit) You can envision a path for Kamala Harris that quite resembles Barack Obama’s.

Kamala Harris — she’s a star! Destined for big things. She’s like Obama 2.0: More woke, and with even more diversity points. Out there in America, they just love Kamala Harris. She’s essentially a folk hero. 
For eight months, that’s the story they’ve told you. For a while it almost looked semi-plausible. During the first wave of primary debates, Harris took a swing at the front runner, denouncing Joe Biden as a racist for having doubts about school busing. When it later emerged that Harris herself had doubts about school busing, the Washington Post rushed to the rescue. “Kamala Harris’s takedown of Joe Biden was more brutal than it seems,” read the headline. Yeah, brutal. She just dominated the guy. 
Except, it turns out, she didn’t really. A new poll from California, her home state, shows Harris way at the back of the pack. She’s now dropped into fifth place, polling at just six percent. As of today, Kamala Harris is losing to Andrew Yang, the anti-circumcision candidate. And by the way, she should be. Whatever your think of Yang’s ideas, he’s smart, original and genuine. Harris is the opposite. She’s a soulless corporate shill who hasn’t uttered an authentic word since she entered public life.

Harris is the daughter of a Stanford professor, yet pretends she somehow overcome segregation. As Tulsi Gabbard pointed out, Harris is also a former prosecutor. She put others in jail for marijuana, but now brags about smoking weed herself. In other words, Harris embodies everything that’s grating and unlikeable about neoliberals: mindless children of privilege sneering at those below them for not obeying. Even a lot of faithful democratic voters find that posture  unbearable, because it is. Mercifully, it looks like the Kamala Harris campaign is doomed to dry up and blow away. Can’t come too soon. Even the press seems to have abandoned her. Their new crush is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.
(Montage of press gushing over selfies)
Warren isn’t just a rising star. She’s the frontrunner. Technically, Joe Biden is still polling in first place. But nobody expects that to last. Even Jimmy Carter has given up on Biden:
CARTER: I hope there's an age limit. If I were just 80 years old, if I was 15 years younger, I don't believe I could undertake the duties that I experienced when I was president. For one thing, you had to be very flexible with your mind. You had to be able to go from one subject to another and concentrate on each one adequately.
It’s not a subtle message. Elizabeth Warren would be over 75 years old at the end of her first term, but she’d still be much younger than Biden or Bernie Sanders. So as of tonight, it looks like Warren by default. But who knows? Now that that the press has anointed her, Warren may be doomed too. 

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