McCarthy: If Pelosi Brings USMCA To House Floor, It Would Pass


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, in a wide-ranging interview with FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo, discusses the USMCA, California's homeless crisis, tensions with Iran, and big tech regulation.

BARTIROMO: USMCA, what are the chances that she brings to it the floor, Nancy Pelosi?

MCCARTHY: I would say today it's 60/40 because it's all up to here. If it came to the floor, it would pass. But what -- what I believe when I say her is Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has all the power to bring the bill up.

But what we're talking about is negotiations with China. Just a month ago China is no longer a top trader. Mexico's our number one. Canada is number two. If the USMCA would pass, and Mexico passed it months ago, we're about almost a year since all the three leaders signed the agreement, Canada is waiting for us on it. If we pass that prior to getting into the negotiations with China, we're only stronger.

Think about it, our top two traders getting agreement with them, it makes us stronger in negotiations with China. So thinking of the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, she should bring this up to make America stronger.

BARTIROMO: I just want to point out that we have called Speaker Pelosi, as well as several other Democratic lawmakers to join us to talk about USMCA, and that includes Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Congressman Clyburn, Hoyer, Durbin, Sanders, Cummings, Baldwin, as well as Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic Party. None of them would agree to join us this morning. We wanted to do an entire show focused just on USMCA to get their side of the story in terms of why it's not being brought to the floor. They declined.

They want changes. Debbie Dingell was sitting in that seat just a few minutes ago and she said, look, there's not an enforcement that I'm believing in that actually will ensure that U.S. workers are going to make more than $1.50 an hour. She wants to make sure that's in there.

MCCARTHY: Look, the president makes the protection for America works inside this agreement. You have NAFTA today. What the president saw with NAFTA was jobs were leaving America. Jobs will actually come back to America. This is modernizing NAFTA and giving better protections to American workers.

The one thing I would tell you, I've been in meetings where -- where the Prime Minister of Canada is sitting there, Trudeau. They raise these same issues. Trudeau will tell you, I raised it too. We got the agreement inside -- inside USMCA.

So I don't know why we're holding. We should have done this prior to the departure in summer. The real critical time is now because if we're having negotiations with China, if China is going to have their 70th anniversary, then see the president in November, this is the moment in time we should be stronger in those negotiations.

BARTIROMO: Secretary Purdue said, look, if we can't get this done, it's anybody's guess if we can get anything else done in terms of other trade deals.

MCCARTHY: I don't think if this -- if this does not get done by the -- by Thanksgiving, it won't get done. And then the decision will have been made, by the speaker, that it was a political decision, not about the country. It would -- concern about tearing the president down instead of building America up. Because everyone will tell you, at the minimum, 180,000 more jobs. Our GDP goes up. We're stronger. We're stronger in the negotiations.

So I don't understand who out there is saying no to this. I don't hear the speaker saying she's against it. She says she can't to get to a yes. The timing of waiting only makes it harder.

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