Cenk Uygur: How Many More Things Does Biden Need To Be Wrong About To Not Be Dem Nominee?


TYT: The Young Turks Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discussed Joe Biden's record on the war on drugs, citing a report by David Stein for The Intercept.

Uygur added, "When you read the whole history of Joe Biden's zealotry on the war on drugs, it's a little revolting," then read remarks by Biden on civil rights calling it, "Malarkey."

"He was the initial critic of social justice warriors," Kasparian responded.

"I'm almost depressed to see Biden's true record," Uygur admitted, "you look at his real record on crime and drugs and civil liberties...that is not a likable 'Uncle Joe.'"

In breaking down Biden's record on drugs and his take on the crime bill, Uygur described the former Vice-President as the, "Grandaddy of the War on Drugs."

In response to people claiming Biden made these remarks in the past, Uygur said, "Why are we picking a guy who's so wrong on all of these issues? He's wrong on the Iraq war. He was wrong on the War on Drugs. Wrong on crime. How many more things does he have to be wrong on before we don't pick him as our candidate in the year 2019?"

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