NYT Kavanaugh Authors on "Key Oversight" In Alleged Assault Story: "We're Very Sorry That It Happened"


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'New York Times' journalists Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin appear on 'The View' to defend their book on Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and a new allegation of sexual assault. The alleged victim has no recollection of the alleged assault and asked the 'Times' journalists not to bother her.

"I just want to know blankly, you understand why so many people think this is a hatchet job," co-host Meghan McCain said to the authors after grilling them on the omission.

"There was no desire to withhold important information from our readers," the authors said of the omission

"We have processes in place," Kelly said. "We wrote this, it was edited, there was back and forth as there always is, it's kind of a team effort, frankly, to make sure that everybody's comfortable with the final product and there was just an oversight here."

"During the editing process there was an oversight and this key detail about the fact that the woman herself has told friends she doesn’t remember it and has not wanted to talk about it got cut, and it was an oversight and the Times adjusted it and we’re very sorry that it happened," Kelly also said.

Co-host Meghan McCain to the authors:

MCCAIN: I'm going to try and make this as clear as possible. 'The New York Times' ran an excerpt of your book over the weekend in the opinion section that included a new allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh but you guys left out a key detail of the alleged victim -- who you name in the book but we're not going to name on the show -- quote, 'refused to discuss the incident and several of her friends do not recall it happening.'

AUTHORS: She doesn't...

MCCAIN: I think this is sort of ground zero for why so many people mistrust the media, why the 'New York Times' is nicknamed 'The New York Slimes' by many people in conservative circles. The Times actually had to run an editor's note following up. How did this vital fact get left out?

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