Marianne Williamson Warns: Watching Third Democratic Primary Debate, I Thought "We Might Be In Trouble Here"


In an interview Saturday with MSNBC's Alex Witt, presidential candidate Marianne Williamson warned that President Trump could be re-elected if the Democratic Party doesn't change its tactics.

"The Democratic Party is in such a state of denial, I’m afraid. There is no conversation of any depth or reality about what the president represents and what it's going to take to defeat him," Williamson warned. "This idea that we all just need to come together around the values. What, the values of healthcare? We're forgetting who this man is. This president is not just a politician, he is a phenomenon. The Democrats are sharpening their knives and he will be bringing a gun to this battle."

"I’m doing it by having a completely different conversation. He is a reality show. I’m showing reality. And the Democratic establishment is just coming with the same sort of 20th-century conversation. It didn’t excite people last time," she said.

"Do you think those 14 million people thought that was a really exciting evening? Why are making the Democratic debates everything? They are one thing, and they’re an important thing because of all the eyeballs, but I think if anything, there are a lot of Democrats who saw that debate the other night and going, ‘We might be in trouble here,'" she added.

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