Coons: Saudi Oil Attacks "May Well Be The Thing That Calls For Military Action Against Iran"


BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX AND FRIENDS HOST:  A Fox News alert now.  The U.S. is locked and loaded following a crippling strike on a Saudi oil facility, and it’s a major one.  That’s the word from President Trump as intel officials blame Iran for the attacks.  Iran denying any involvement while warning, “We have been constantly preparing ourselves for a full-fledged war.”  
Democratic Senator Chris Coons sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He’s a busy guy, a lot of topics.  Senator, great to see you in person.
KILMEADE:  Senator, if it is tied directly to Iran, what’s appropriate action --
COONS:  Well, first, I want to see --
KILMEADE:  -- for America?
COONS:  -- I want to see the intelligence, but it seems credible that the Houthis don’t have the sort of advanced drones that carried out this crippling strike on Saudi oil facilities.  My hope is that the president will consult with his generals, his diplomats, his advisors, will look hard at the intelligence.  Iran is one of the most dangerous state sponsors of terrorism.  This may well be the thing that calls for military action against Iran if that’s what the intelligence supports.
KILMEADE:  What about people who say, you know, we’ve got our own oil.  We don’t need that oil as much as we used to.  Not our problem.  What would you say to that?
COONS:  I’d say one of the things that has kept America safe and secure for seven decades is a global network of alliances.  Obviously our alliance with the Saudis has been badly strained by the murder of Khashoggi and by some of the other things that MBS, the Crown Prince, has done, but this is a moment where Iran is really pushing our resolve and is really testing to see whether we’re actually going to stand up.

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