Chris Matthews vs. Julian Castro: You Were Accusing Biden Of Memory Loss, You Rubbed It In


MSNBC's Chris Matthews interviews Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro following Thursday night's primary debate on ABC News and grilled him on his interaction with former Vice President Joe Biden on healthcare that came off as controversial.

Matthews and Castro debate ageism and if Biden did forget what he said:

JULIAN CASTRO, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: He said the words buy-in. That's significant because the fact-checkers have said that's exactly why his plan is going to leave 10 million people uncovered.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: So you're glad you did this?

CASTRO: Of course. When he said the words "buy-in," I said look, you just said the words buy-in. He said no, I didn't say buy-in. I said yes, you did. And when you get to your full transcript, you will see he did say that.

MATTHEWS: Most people thought there was another aspect to this. That you were suggesting a man of 76 years had lost the ability to remember what he just said. Short-term memory loss you were accusing him of.

CASTRO: Not at all.

MATTHEWS: You rubbed in three or four times. You kept saying, you don't remember, you don't remember.

CASTRO: We had a disagreement about whether he said the words buy-in. He did say the words buy-in when you look at the full transcript.

MATTHEWS: He said if you can't afford it, you get automatically enrolled in the medicare option.

CASTRO: And then what did he say if you lose your job?

MATTHEWS: Well he also said if you lose your job, you can automatically buy into it. But the poor people you were addressing are covered by what he said in that same paragraph.

CASTRO: Not at all. That is significant. This is important because this is about the most important policy in this country.

MATTHEWS: Excuse me, Mr. Secretary, these tapes are going to be played over and over again. so whatever we say here.

CASTRO: We're here to debate healthcare policy...

MATTHEWS: Do you believe he is deficient?

CASTRO: I think his health care plan is deficient.

Castro defends his comments about Biden’s memory:

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