Doug Collins: Judiciary Committee Impeachment Vote Is A Stunt, "Joke," "Trick"


The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Thursday to outline the parameters for future potential impeachment hearings. Ranking Republican on the committee Doug Collins said the vote was a political stunt designed to trick Democratic voters into thinking the House is pursuing impeachment.

"These rules are not new," Collins said. "I've heard many reporters say 'these new rules.' There's nothing new about what we just saw. These rules were already in our rules. the Chairman could have done this at any time he wants. This is not new."

"What is new, this is a filter. This is to make you believe something more is happening than is actually happening," he said. "For anyone to say this leads us closer to an impeachment inquiry is simply not true."

"The Judiciary Committee has become a giant Instagram filter, to make it appear that something is happening that's not," Collins said in his opening statement during the hearing. "You're not in an impeachment inquiry!"

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